5 Great Supps For Men With Low “T”

Low testosterone is a, uh, testy subject for guys. These supps can help give your “T” a kick in the … forget it.

By Kimberly Thomson

The Best Supplements For Men WIth Low Testosterone Intek Test Boost Evolution ($76)
Testosterone and sex drive are irrefutably linked. So low “T” can translate to floppy and flaccid when the time comes for your little soldier to stand at attention. Intek Test Booster Evolution may be the best supplement for guys with low testosterone who also want sex-boosting side effects. Why? It’s made with natural aphrodisiacs: Eurycoma Longifolia and Avena Sativa.

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“These ingredients are excellent stand-alone supplements, but when they are combined, the synergistic effects are exponentially increased,” Brockert says. Synergy is increased effectiveness when two or more people (err, supplements) work together.

The Best Supplements For Men With Low Testosterone

MaxGenics Natural Testosterone Booster ($50)
MaxGenics’ lab rats worked day and night for two years to put a pure and effective product on the market. Its high-grade extracts are particularly effective at targeting the actual symptoms of low testosterone. That, paired with its purity, have earned it a spot on the list of best supplements for men with low testosterone.

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“The fact is, the FDA has different regulations for supplements than conventional food and drugs, so you have to be mindful of the products you choose,” Brockert says. “The fact that a third party tests MaxGenics for purity means one less thing to worry about.”

Sweet! Check lead poisoning off the list.

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