The Worst 3D Movies Ever

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The Last Airbender 3D THE LAST AIRBENDER 3D (2010) Despite the fact that the plot of the original cartoon — a bright, stylized anime — revolved around controlling the elements of air, Earth, water, and fire, the faded, murky 3D conversion by M. Night Shyamalan turned the motion picture into a muddy, dark, and boring movie about some kids with powers and zzzzzz. And that was before he converted it to lame 3D.  FRIDAY THE 13th PART III IN 3D (1982) The plot was bad, the acting cheesy, and the execution of the 3D was ultra shitty (it was shot with the same low-grade tech as Jaws 3D). Also, the 3D became more like a running gag, as the doomed characters repeatedly shoved objects toward the camera for no discernible reason.