12 Things To Stash In Your Car This Winter

Things To Put In Your Car For Winter You never know when that dickhead Old Man Winter is going to get his undies in a bunch and run you off the road via black ice or otherwise leave you stranded. So you have to think a few steps ahead and remember to put safety first so if an emergency occurs you have the right gear. That wherewithal can be the difference between freezing your ass off or staying warm and cozy while you wait for help to arrive or the storm to blow over. 

sidekick champ 8 in 1 light#1. Champ 8-in-1 Survival Sidekick with Flashlight ($25 @ Amazon.com)

This Champ Survival Sidekick 8-in-1 Multi-tool provides one simple tool for instant access in emergencies. The Sidekick includes features like an LED flashlight, a hazard light and a tool for breaking glass and cutting seat belts, all handy if you face a winter emergency in your vehicle.            

winterize your car#2. Zippo Chrome Lighter ($12 @ Amazon.com)

Old-school tricks are the best tricks, eh? Make sure you have a lighter handy, to heat up your car key should your car lock freeze over. Just hold the key under the lighter for a few seconds and then use it on the lock. De-icer is not recommended in these situations, as it can damage the car paint.

winterize your car#3. Fix-A-Flat Aerosol Tire Inflator for Standard Tires (11 @ Amazon.com)

Ya know, there are certain things you ought to have in your car at all times regardless of the weather. This is one of them. Still, in the relentless cold, the Fix-A-Flat is something you should close by. The aerosol tire inflator is the easiest and cheapest way to repair a flat tire when you have dire need of it. It can seal tiny tire punctures and inflate the tires just enough to lift the rim off the ground.

winterize car brush

#4. Snow Devil 16" Snow Brush and Ice Scraper ($13)

This one practically goes without saying, albeit we’re including it nonetheless. When the blizzard hits, you won’t get anywhere without a snow brush, and the rather durable and solid ‘Snow Devil’ fits easily under your car seat. It has 3 rows of soft bristles, as well as a cushion grip for extra comfort. Its super flat blade helps you scrape any unwanted and nasty frost or snow layers off the glass or car chassis.

81rTZh8eABL._SL1500_#5. 3", 30' Tow Strap 30,000 LB Capacity ($31 @ Amazon.com)

Let’s be honest, when you’re stuck in deep snow, you are sometimes simply forced to rely on others. Even then, you won’t be able to get far unless you have the appropriate tools. As far as tow straps go, you can’t go wrong with TGL’s tow strap. Made from durable and UV resistant polyester, TGL’s tow strap features 30,000 pound capacity, reinforced loops that protect against abrasion and a velcro strap for easy storage.

winterize your car#6. ER Emergency Ration Food (Pack of 4) ($26 @ Amazon.com)

When worse comes to worst, you’re gonna want to have these stashed in your car (at all times, because you never know). The 18 ounce, 2,400+ calorie ER bar is just the thing you need when the shit hits the fan. Each packet consists of 6 individual 410 calorie rations that are ready-to-eat with and require no preparation. It provides nutrition via optimum balance of salt, carbohydrates, protein and fat. In addition, the bars are enriched with the daily allowance of vitamins and minerals.  

winterize your car zip grips snow#7. Zip Grip Go Cleated Tire Traction for Cars, Vans and Light Trucks ($30 @ Amazon.com)

Tire gear is essential for your car needs, because tires are probably the most exposed part of the car - they wear out pretty darn fast. The Zip Grip Go Cleated Tire Traction Device package includes 10 traction ties, and is adjustable, fitting any tire size (rims up to 22"). While it’s not for steel rims, it’s easy to install even when your car is stuck. The good news is that this is perfect for vans, SUVs and light trucks. It’s especially useful when you want to get unstuck in snow, mud or ice.    

junopower jump starter#8. Juno Power JunoJumpr ($100 @ junopower.com)

The JunorJumpr can jumpstart a car battery quickly even if it’s completely dead. It also offers a USB charger to recharge your cellphone for quick communication should you need assistance but aren’t within range of people who can help. This jumper is lightweight for portability.  

heat sheet#9. Adventure Medical Kits Heatsheets Survival Blanket, Two Person ($8 @ Amazon.com)

Having a Heatsheets survival blanket gives you fast access to protection from the elements. Up to two people can wrap up in this easy-to-use blanket that’s resistant to tears and holds in body heat for maximum warmth.  

survival knife#10. BlizeTec Rescue Survival Knife ($39 @ Amazon.com)

Keep the BlizeTec rescue survival knife on hand for a tool that lets you cut seatbelts that are tangled or locked, break glass, start fires with magnesium, and have LED light, all in one convenient device that you can carry in your pocket.  

water#11. Datrex Emergency Survival Water Pouch (Pack of 64), 125ml ($20 @ Amazon.com)

Stay frosty! No matter how much of a shitstorm you find yourself in, all of the aforementioned items are great to have. However, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded that in any emergency, the human body won’t last long without hydration. If it’s snowing all over the place, sure you can make a fire, melt the snow, and drink. But that’s not always easy to do, particularly if you’re stranded in the wilderness. Even so, you need to have water handy and you need to remember that bottled water may easily freeze and burst, so, for starters keep the bottle in the car. The Datrex emergency survival water pouch has 64 units of purified water for preventing or reversing dehydration or to cook with. With a long shelf life and durable dispensing sachets, you’ll be stocked for an emergency.  

food bar winter survival#12. Datrex 3600 Calorie Emergency Food Bar ($14 @ Amazon.com)

Datrex emergency food bars complete survival and disaster kits by providing high-calorie sustenance when you need it most. With all natural ingredients, these lightweight bars stay good for five years and are readily usable in a winter emergency.