Tips For Dealing With A Jealous Girlfriend

If you’re involved in a relationship with an envious woman, telling her she’s acting crazy is, well, crazy.

By Anna Davies

How To Deal WIth A Jealous Girlfriend

I can’t answer why your girlfriend might assume you’re ready to hook up with any female co-worker, bartender, or chick in yoga pants who crosses your path because that can stem from a ton of things. But if you think she has your actions under constant surveillance, I can answer how you might want to handle her jealous outbursts. The next time she gives you the third degree after you get a text, here’s some tips to handle the situation …

This can’t be stressed enough. Referring to a woman as crazy drives her completely … uh, you know where I’m going with this. Look, we’re most likely already feeling weird and insecure for feeling weird and insecure about thinking you’re trying to hide something, so questioning our mental stability will only escalate the situation. So even if we’re being totally irrational, prevent a full-blown argument by restraining yourself from using the c-word.

Figuratively, not literally, J. Edgar Hoover. You don’t know her whole relationship history, and some of her old boyfriends could have been dicks who cheated. If you’re suspicious that’s what’s causing her to grill you over every female encounter you have, talk to her about it. Let her know it’s unnecessary and that it makes you uncomfortable. Obviously, don’t do this if she’s riled up. But when she’s calm and starts poking around for intel, it’s a perfect opportunity to make it clear that 1) you’re not going to treat her like any of her exes, and 2) you’ll not going to cheat. Then all you have to do is follow through.

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Emrah Kovacoglu (Fri, 24 May 2013 18:50:51 +0000): Thank god I don't have one of these but great advice if you do.
The Rugged Male (Wed, 25 Sep 2013 22:35:30 +0000): R U Kidding?! Being a woman, you most likely have not had a jealous girlfriend. Its not going to change, you dont need 10 steps. You need one, run for the hills immediately after the first outburst. Its not going to change, most have deep rooted emotional and often clinical issues. Unless you like drama .. stay with mama, until you find another.
Janet Harding (Sat, 21 Dec 2013 06:25:17 +0000): only solution is a new girlfriend.
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