9 Tools That Should Be In Your Toolbag

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Chance are your toolbag (or toolkit, toolbox, tool cabinet, tool whatever) looks like a junk drawer. Spare parts from the GRUNDTAL you put together from IKEA, glue, nails, tacks, receipts, and paint brushes somehow find their way in there. And we get it — you’re no Tim “Tool Man” Taylor. That’s fine, so long as you have the essentials. If you can find these nine products in the clutter, you’re ahead of the game.

hammer200#1. HAMMER
It’s your go-to when hanging pictures to tapping out hinge pins, and freeing a stuck window. But it’s also good for smashing ice and splitting an intruder’s skull.
Cool hammer to own: The Cole-Bar Hammer ($55)


milwaukee pliers#2. NEEDLE NOSE PLIERS
They say you can remove a broken light bulb from a socket with a potato or an apple. Don’t try it. Instead, use these. They’re also good for removing your Prince Albert in a pinch.

Cool pliers to own: The Milwaukee 6-in-1 Combo Pliers ($36)