Ultra Manly Grooming Tools

Grooming may not seem like something tough guys do. But what if the products you use to do it resemble deadly weapons and Wild West elixirs?

By Robert Haynes-Peterson

You don’t need a lavender-scented, aromatherapeutic, Oprah-endorsed Swedish luffa system in order to be well-groomed. But you do need the right tools.

After all, you wouldn’t cut down a tree with a circular saw. And you wouldn’t hammer in a nail with your forehead … okay, maybe it’d depend on how many cocktails you’d had and how much money your friends had offered you to do it. The point is, grooming is both easier and more enjoyable if you have the correct hardware at your disposal.

There’s a ton of great grooming products for men out there. These just happen to be a few of the most manly because of the way they look, the way they perform, or the way they’re made. Are you man enough to use them? Only you can answer that … but putting down that luffa would probably help.

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