Watch: Captain Janks’s Best News Pranks

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Over the years Tom Cipriano, better known as Captain Janks — a contributor to The Howard Stern Show — has been on CNN, ESPN, CSPAN, MSNBC, and FOX News countless times. But not as himself.  He's been a caller who has claimed to be everyone from police chief, a detained student, professional football player,to an ostracized baseball fan. It's been decades and he's still exposing a giant flaw in fact-checking sources that are rushed on the air during breaking news segments. Also: The Best Howard Stern Prank Calls His most recent prank outlet: CNN. Janks pretended to be a police chief describing the 6.o earthquake in Northern California. Whether you agree with what Captain Janks does or believe he's a disrespectful prick, it's hard to deny that things like this show that fact-checking takes a back seat to entertaining TV. Check out some of Jank's previous calls … MSNBC & THE MALAYSIA AIRLINES DISASTER JANKS AS 'STEVE BARTMAN' ON SPORTSCENTER JANKS GIVES A "BABA BOOEY" TO FOX NEWS" NEXT: CNN AND BABA BOOEY'S MONKEY NUTS