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Video: Probably The Worst High Dive Ever

We’re not sure if she was going for the Triple Lindy, but she didn’t land it. She succeed, however, in demonstrating how not to use the high dive.

By ModernMan Editors

We’re not suggesting you have to be skilled like Greg Louganis to use the high dive at the community pool, but there are two rules one should follow when planning a leap from the tippy top. One, generate enough distance between you and the ledge so you’re incapable of grasping the railing. Two, do not tumble down into the ledge below you before hurtling into the water with your body in a weird and contorted position.

Seems like obvious intel. Apparently, it’s not. Worst of all, the lady in this video didn’t even stick the landing. Maybe she should have watched Back to School before her day at the pool …