Weekend Links (01.06.12)

Affordable supercars, what Katy Perry is like in bed, and Japanese women licking doorknobs. (Sorry, that’s not a euphemism.)

By ModernMan Editors

• Photos: Japanese women kissing and licking doorknobs. It’s … um … art. The Chive

• Photos: 31 awesome screengabs from MauryScreenJunkies

• The new Celebrity Apprentice cast! Which is partially composed of celebrities! ZapToIt

• The 19 best guy-movie moments. Maxim

• Katy Perry was apparently too boring for Russell Brand in bed. Is it any wonder we resent celebrities? WWTDD

• How to get over being cheated on. Yahoo! Shine

• 15 signs your marriage is doomed. YourTango

• Video: Dave Attell loves old-timey porn. FilmDrunk

• 8 not-horrible first-date ideas. MadeMan

• A $55,000 “supercar” with a four-cylinder Ford engine? Lost in a Supermarket

• Photos: 20 pics of model Camila Morais. Heavy

• How to destroy a $30 million painting … with your ass. The Frisky

• 10 manly chandeliers. (Seriously.) Details

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