Weekend Links (02.03.12)

Undeserving Super Bowl winners, Donald Trump is a whore, and why women turn down sex. (Wait, they do? We had no idea.)

By ModernMan Editors

• The 5 worst Super Bowl winners ever. MadeMan

• Photos: 20 ways men and women differ. The Chive

• 35 brutally honest reasons women say no to sex. Yahoo! Shine

• Photos: Kate Upton in a bathing suit. Wait, why are you still reading this? WWTDD

• Why the Robocop remake might not be completely awful. FilmDrunk

• How unfriending Facebook can help your relationship status. The Frisky

• Why Donald Trump is an endorsement whore. ScreenJunkies

• 5 diseases that would actually be kinda cool to have. Maxim

• Stop smelling so horrible! Details

• 12 surprising facts about single people. YourTango

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