Weekend Links (03-07-14)

“Skinning” has a new, nonviolent definition, being a dad looks pretty much the same — terrifying — and you can now order a plate of strawberries for only $3.95 million. ‘Murica!

By ModernMan Editors

· Behold: your future. YourTango

· This winter’s best new workout is skinning. But what the hell is skinning? Details

· Somewhere out there is a $10,000 martini just waiting for you to blow your life savings on fifteen minutes of almost-buzzed-but-not-really bliss. MadeMan

· A foolproof guide to color matching your wardrobe. Birchbox

· Remembering tribal arm tats: a brief history of the tattoo’s place in society and where we are today. The Rugged Male

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