Weekend Links (04.06.12)

Clever ways to dispatch aliens, some weird science about female orgasms, and methods for increasing your confidence.

By ModernMan Editors

• 7 surprising ways to kill aliens. ScreenJunkies

• Videos: The most bizarre MTV Unplugged concerts. Maxim

• Women want you to feel their pain. Yahoo! Shine

• Photos: 52 pictures of women who appear to have misplaced their bras. The Chive

• Women explain the rules to having an f-buddy. The Frisky

• Peep this single-varietal, single-batch vodka. (And by “peep,” we mean “drink liberally.”) Details

• Why good Samaritan Tucker Max can’t give away $500,000. FilmDrunk

• Ever wondered how a female orgasm works? Cosmopolitan

• 6 ways you can be more confident. MadeMan

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