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How to be a better man, how to be a worse (read: way more drunk) man, and plenty of pictures of attractive ladies.

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Links: Evan Rachel Wood

The Ides of March‘sĀ Evan Rachel Wood is very attractive. ::ScreenJunkies::

17 things that make you a good guy in the eyes of women. ::Cosmopolitan::

Purported Chicago Bears wideout Bernard Berrian is an idiot. ::KissingSuzyKolber::

Which NFL players have the best-selling jerseys? Hint: None of them is Bernard Berrian. ::ThePostGame::

Celebrities without bras: An in-depth investigation. (Just kidding, it’s pictures!) ::TheFrisky::

How to sneak booze into events. ::MadeMan::

Politicians dancing. They look even more awkward than that sounds. ::Ranker::

20 police screw-ups that don’t involve beating Wall Street protestors. ::Heavy::

Yep, that’s pretty much how we felt about last night’s Yankees/Tigers game too. ::<Maxim::

Scientists say having children lowers a man’s risk of heart disease. We say it also raises a man’s risk of aggravation-induced strokes. ::YourTango::

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