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Hilarious movie speeches, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and the sexiest kitchen utensils you’ve ever seen.

By ModernMan Editors

Weekend Links: 11/4/2011

Griswold, Bueller, Spackler, and the funniest movie speeches of all time. ::Ranker::

Quiz: Sex toy or kitchen utensil? It’s tougher than it sounds, trust us. ::TheFrisky::

Video: Man is no match for the mighty exercise ball. ::ThePostGame::

Damn, these cats are gangsta. ::Heavy::

Video: 40 different moustache styles for Movember. ::MadeMan::

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog visits Occupy Wall Street. ::WarmingGlow::

Salman Rushdie absolutely destroys Kim Kardashian with a … limerick? ::WWTDD::

Other celebrities who had stupidly short marriages. ::ZapToIt::

Vikings All-Pro defensive end Jared Allen on how he got in the best shape of his life thanks to U.S. servicemen. ::Maxim::

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