Weekend Links (05.02.14)

The best sex position for her (yes, it matters), 14 of the healthiest snack foods, and how to repurpose your spare wine bottles.

By ModernMan Editors

· Need some help choosing the best position to help her orgasm? And does her ever-elusive G-spot even … exist? Dr. Lori dishes. YourTango

· What you should know about the pre-owned watch market and why you should sell your luxury watch now. Like, right now. Seriously. aBlogtoWatch

· How to be as happy as Pharrell. Yes, it’s possible. MadeMan

· Save your quarters from the vending machines and try one of these healthy (and delicious) snacks instead. Details

· Wild night out leave you with a few empty bottles of wine littering your apartment? Don’t recycle them. Upcycle them. Birchbox

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