We’re Giving Away Condoms and Lube

Love sex but hate STDs and kids? Then this condom/lube/vibrator giveaway from Trojan is for you! (The vibrator is probably more for her.)

By ModernMan Editors

If things like a fire-dick and unplanned pregnancies scare you sterile, you’ll want to get in the habit of rolling on condoms before you get busy. And if you’re a guy who still believes condoms limit how enjoyable sex can be, science says you’re wrong.

A 2013 study that appeared in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that condoms didn’t affect a man’s erection and that both men and women didn’t feel as though condom use diminished the pleasurability of sex. Look at that — now you have no excuse.

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So to help keep you and your partners safe, sound, and lubricated during your adventures in the sack, our friends at Trojan have offered to give away Trojan Pure Ecstasy condoms, Arouses & Intensifies lube, and a Tri-Phoria Vibrator to five lucky readers so you can … don’t make us spell it out for you.

Pure Ecstasy Condoms — It’s their newest and least condomy condom ever. A new design and trademarked lubricant reduces friction and ups the sensation.

Trojan Arouses & Intensifies Lubricant — Great for foreplay or if you’re going to skip to the main event, this lube is non-sticky, unscented, and clear. All great things to hear since you’ll inevitably get some on your sheets … and couch … and rug … and on the upholstery in your car.

Trojan Tri•Phoria Vibrator — This is for her (most likely), but it’s a great item to have around if you two — or three — have been talking about moving into new territory (i.e. toys). This quiet vibrator offers 24 unique pleasure combos and comes with three interchangeable tips and eight vibration modes.

Click here to enter. You can do things like follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and check out some of our other content. Basically, the more things you click, the more chances you have to win. And if you win, your girlfriend wins. Which means you actually win twice. See how that works? (Pro-tip: You can enter daily.)

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