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Why Getting Back Together Doesn’t Work

A new study has found what your friends already knew: reuniting with your ex makes you an insufferable jackass.

By Alexandra Foster

According to a new study conducted by the love doctors at the University of Kansas, being stuck in an on-again-off-again relationship will probably make you feel like the dissatisfied, disillusioned, uncommunicative, indecisive lout your significant other accused you of being the last time you broke up.

Turns out that “cyclical partners” — couples that break up, then get back together, then break up again, etc. — were more unhappy and less confident. This, in turn, tended to cause them to make impulsive decisions about things they really shouldn’t have made impulsive decisions about, like buying a home, getting married, and having kids. So then why do so many couples fall into the cyclical trap? According to the study authors, it’s for the same reasons you and your ex probably got back together: You missed each other, or you didn’t really understand why you broke up, or you thought that whatever problems you had were magically solved while you were apart. Or, you just wanted to get laid again.

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