Why Your Balls Are So Sweaty and Smelly

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Why Your Balls Are So Sweaty and Stinky

If there is any odor coming from your nut area, it’s most likely related to the environment, which can either be too hot or too cold. Some guys have a genetic disposition that can lead to this. Another essential factor is how active you are; active guys are, most likely, going to have sweatier and stinkier bodies than sedentary lumps of skin. However, food can also have an effect. Spicier foods boost your body temp and can lead to more perspiration.

All of these external factors aside, testicles build up and accumulate sweat because it is a natural process and it helps decrease the testicular temperature. Male sperm is temperature sensitive, so in order to survive your swimmers need to be at a temperature that is less than your standard body. Therefore, the moisture is created to help cool things down.

There’s a vast number of guys out there who tend to complain about their crotch for one reason or another. Sweaty balls tend to be one of the more frequent complaints. Here’s the thing — you don’t need to sweat it because the odor is usually triggered by too much sweat and bacteria. In other words, it’s natural. Yes, it’s embarrassing, but also controllable in most cases.

Groom Properly

Getting excess hair out of the way or maintaining the hair you have is a good tip for any part of the body. Believe it or, while most doctors advise against using stronger stuff like alcohol to clean your junk, most of them will advise men to have regular grooming habits for the scrotum. In fact, the most frequent advice for men is to use antiperspirants for that particular area of the body, as much as they use antiperspirants for, say, their armpits. More important than that perhaps is to eliminate the hair down there, especially if there’s too much of it, because that tends to increase sweating. The more you have hair, the easier it’s gonna get for bacteria to multiply. Of course, you can go for the option of shaving the scrotum area completely, but that’s not necessary if you don’t want to, so you can just keep them well-trimmed.