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Why Your Suit Lining Matters

The lining of your suit isn’t your first concern — but it should be a concern. Tom Kearnan from online suit retailer Indochino explains why.

By Alexandra Foster

You understandably put more thought into the outer appearance of your suit than the inner lining. (If you didn’t you’d be a mental patient.) That said, once you’ve made a decision on the color, material, and style of your suit, it’s a good idea to not gloss over what’s doing with your suit’s innards.

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“The lining of a suit is important in both style and function,” says Tom Kearnan, the director of merchandising at Indochino, an online (and super affordable) custom men’s suit store. “Men tend to be more conservative in their outward appearance so a suit’s lining is where guys can express their own unique style.”

In other words,  practically anything goes. If you want purple dragons, go for it. Pink elephants? Why the hell not. Vampires with blood dripping off of their razor-sharp fangs? Uh …  um … okay

“A splash of color or engaging pattern on the lining allows the wearer to reveal his personal taste whenever he opens his blazer or rolls up his sleeves, adding an individual twist to what may otherwise be a conventional suit,” Kearnan adds.