How To Cure A Black Eye

How To Cure A Black Eye Edward Norton

Elevate it
Like any other part of your body, your eye will swell more if there’s a bunch of blood pooling around it. That’s not a problem while you’re awake, but when you go to sleep, try to at least have your head propped up on an extra pillow or two. However, do not attempt to sleep standing up; that’ll just result in more head trauma.

Conceal it
No, not with a mask — we mean with concealer. Let us explain. If your black eye has come at the worst possible moment — you’re about to give a presentation, you’re about to get married, you’re about to begin a lucrative career as a glasses model — you may want to make it look slightly less awful by using a concealer for men, like Evolution Man Conceal ($20). A little goes a long way; dab a little on your eye with one of your ring fingers and see how it looks.