How To Hit A Softball Farther

how to hit a softball farther

In softball, there are no role players. Pretty much everyone goes up to bat hoping to do one thing — go yard.

Of course, you probably don’t actually do that every at bat … or the vast majority of at bats. But we’re going to help you change that with the help of our favorite nutrition and strength guru, Dr. Jim Stoppani. His workout program will turn weak bloopers into frozen ropes and fly outs into four baggers.

“Along with strong legs, a strong core is crucial for a powerful swing,” Stoppani says. “The faster you can transfer energy from your calves, legs, abs, hips, and pelvis into your swing, the harder you will hit the ball.”

The exercises below need to be done in addition to stuff like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses — multijoint exercises like those are great for building power and muscle. So add these exercises in after your regular workouts three days a week, and you’ll finally get the ball past that smack-talking shortstop jerk-off.

How To Hit A Softball Farther bands exerciseRESISTANCE-BAND TRUNK ROTATIONS

Resistance bands allow you to perform the movement of a softball swing while adding resistance, which will improve your bat speed.

“Specificity training mimics movements you do on the field, so if you’re adding resistance, you’ll increase your power output when it’s time to bat,” Stoppani promises.

How To Do It

• Tie an exercise band to a machine, fence, or anything that won’t topple over and crush you when you give it a yank

• Perform the movement as explosively as possible

• Do 10 reps on one side, then switch and do 10 more on the other side (yes, even if you’re not a switch hitter)