Make Your Clothes Fit
Perfectly — Without a Tailor

tailor 3

There’s never been a better time to achieve a tailored look without a tailor, since so many men’s stores today carry different cuts of shirts, jackets, pants, and even jeans. Generally speaking, you want to wear clothing cut so that it fits you snugly enough that there isn’t a bunch of extra, billowy fabric — but not so snugly that you look like you shrink-wrapped yourself. Larger guys often think that loose clothing has a slenderizing effect because it hides their flab, but too-big clothing actually makes hefty guys look tubbier. They’re not the only ones who make that mistake; most guys wear clothes that are too baggy, which makes them look sloppy — and as though they raided Dad’s closet. Stretch fabrics, which can be found in everything from jeans to dress shirts, can be very helpful in this regard.