How To Wear A Scarf — Like a Man, Man

A scarf keeps you warm, but if you choose the wrong one, it’ll also make you look like a goofball. To avoid that, follow this advice.

By Indy Drake

How To Wear A Scarf Like a Man, Man length and thicknessLENGTH AND THICKNESS
You should be able to wrap the scarf around your neck at least a couple of times and still have the ends settle around tie length. And stay away from skinny scarves; a thick scarf is the more stylish option.

Affordable: More expensive: Marine Ribbed Scarf ($60)

More expensive: Paul Smith Men’s Black Reversible Stripe Wool Scarf ($125.00)


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How To Wear A Scarf Like a Man, Man patterns and colorsPATTERNS AND COLORS
If you tend to dress conservatively or are required to for your job, wearing a scarf with a pattern or a bold color is a great way to add depth to your look. However, don’t represent all the colors of the rainbow on one scarf. Using two or three colors, or several shades of a single color, will suffice.

Affordable: J. Crew Cashmere Scarf ($98)

High-end: Burberry Check Cashmere Scarf ($400)

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