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How To Make Your Shoes Less Smelly

If you own shoes, you probably own shoes that smell. Thankfully for you and anyone near your noxious feet, you can easily lessen the stink.

By Jon Luman

When you have sweaty feet crammed inside of shoes, things are bound to get funky — especially in the summer, when it’s not only hotter, but the regularity with which you wear socks probably wanes. Taking steps to de-putrify your stinky, smelly feet will help de-funk shoes that smell, but it won’t eliminate the problem. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to take care of shoes that smell.

#1. Let your shoes air out: Yes, we’re all envious of your Air Jordan XI’s, but wearing them all day everyday doesn’t allow them to dry. Moisture is a breeding ground for foul-smelling bacteria. Give your shoes a 24-hour rest between uses.

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#2. Stuff dryer sheets in your shoes: Shove a new dryer sheet into each shoe and leave them in overnight; by the next morning, your shoes will smell like fresh laundry. Well, sort of.

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