9 Grooming Products Guys Should Stash In Their Gym Bags

burts bees shave creamBurt’s Bees Natural Skin Care Shave Cream ($7 @ Amazon.com)

Some guys get their workout in before the sun rises and proceed to carry out their entire morning routine in the locker room before many of us have even stopped pounding the Snooze button. (We call those guys “non-drinkers.”) If you shave at the gym, bring the right gear. The Gillette Fusion Proglide Power Razor With Flexball Handle Technology ($10 @ Amazon.com) features Flexball technology to give you a closer shave by tracing the contours of your face. Pre-shave add a layer of Burt’s Bees all-natural shave cream to both prep your skin and calm and hydrate it once the shave is complete.

matt for men powderMatte for Men Man Powder ($22 @ Amazon.com)

Hey, sometimes guys sweat down south. It’s nothing we’re ashamed of, but it can be awfully uncomfortable (two words: bat wings). Well, MAN Powder is here to help. Made with moisturizing aloe and odor-fighting baking soda, it keeps your skin feeling dry and comfortable by absorbing excess moisture to reduce chaffing — and that swampy feeling. So sprinkle some on after a shower … but for the sake of your fellow gym bros, do it discreetly.

tiger balm for menTiger Balm Sport Rub Ultra Pain Relieving Ointment  ($10 @ Amazon.com)

A training session where you work your muscles to exhaustion should leave you worn out and sore. Get through the pain and avoid the near-paralysis that can occur by rubbing Tiger Balm Ultra on your stiff, achy body. It contains a highly concentrated amount of menthol that penetrates deep into your skin to help relax your muscles. Of course, there’s no way to fully skip out on the agony of muscle soreness if you push yourself hard enough, but this’ll help soften the blow.