4 Landscaping Trends to Elevate Your Garden This Summer


Summer is finally upon us. As the days get warmer and the nights get longer, many of us will begin to spend more time in our gardens, soaking in the sunshine and enjoying some much-needed rest and relaxation.

The summer can be the perfect chance to get some landscaping and gardening work done too. Your garden can be a fantastic space for entertaining guests during the warmer months, so you obviously want it to look its best. Check out this list of four amazing landscaping trends and elevate your garden this summer.

Cottage Gardens

When we think of the perfectly landscaped garden, we often imagine pitch-perfect lawns with immaculately curated and arranged flowers. While many people enjoy these kinds of gardens, they’re not for everyone, especially those of us who like to throw casual garden parties or who are parents of young children.

Cottage gardens put relaxation first and foremost. Rather than every element being painstakingly arranged, cottage gardens take a much looser and more casual approach. Plants and flowers are arranged in a carefree way with little structure or planning, and the plants present vary from flowers to edible herbs and vegetables.

Darker Colours

Another landscaping theme we’ve seen become more popular recently is the use of darker colours. This could be in the plants you choose to grow, such as darkly coloured flowers, trees, and shrubs, the garden furniture you have, or by visiting building merchants and getting dark-coloured garden fencing.

When used in combination with bright colours, or when compared to the greenness of your lawn, these dark colours will create a fascinating contrast that will be sure to make your garden stand out.


Taking a cottage approach can make your garden look more traditional, but if you want a more modern look, you should consider incorporating some metal materials in your garden.

The easiest way to do this is through your garden furniture. Metal garden furniture like tables, chairs, and benches can create a visual juxtaposition that will stand out visually when compared to the natural elements in your garden.

Metal planters and plant pots can also be an excellent choice. These will make your garden appear incredibly modern and unique.

Water Features

Water features can sometimes seem a little old-fashioned, but they are coming back into fashion and are set to be one of the top landscaping trends for this summer.

Don’t assume that a water feature means having to splash out on a huge, ornate, and eye-wateringly expensive fountain. You can introduce water features to your garden in far more affordable ways. There are plenty of small water ornaments that can be the perfect alternative.

Ponds are also proving particularly popular this year. A pond can look fantastic in your garden, and it can also make your space more environmentally friendly, encouraging wildlife such as frogs, toads, newts, and dragonflies. Summer offers us the perfect opportunity to give our gardens a much-needed makeover. Use this guide to learn about the latest landscaping trends to elevate your garden in time for your next party or family BBQ.