5 Survival Tips for Single Parents


Parenting is a tough and challenging job, requiring effort and time, and often leaving you tired and emotionally drained. This struggle only increases for single parents. However, this does not always have to be the case. The journey can be easier with proper support, planning, and care. Here are five survival tips for single parents to make their journey easier to navigate.

1. Find Emotional Support

Caring for your children can severely deplete your energy without enough emotional and practical support. This can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression. As a result, a positive and uplifting support system is crucial. You can try investing in relations with your family and friends, or maybe join a single-parent group and talk to others who have gone through similar situations. Words, hope, support, and strength offered by others can work wonders for you when going through tough times.

2. Self-Care

Parents’ world often revolves around their children to the extent that they forget to invest in self-care. However, it’s essential to have some me-time to re-energize and relax. By the end of the week, you might get severely tired due to constant chores like picking up and dropping your kids to and from school, going to work, and running small errands. Try to designate a couple of hours a week, like Friday nights, just to yourself.

3. Managing Finances

Despite having a job, many single parents struggle to make ends meet. Many non-profit organizations can assist, so you must check if you qualify. Make use of the tax benefits offered to you as a single parent. Educate your children about financial planning so that they can make smart choices.

You must effectively budget your daily expenses to ensure you avoid financial difficulties. Cut down on energy bills by providing lights that are not left open and maximize the use of sunlight during the daytime. Plan simple and nutritious meals for your kids, ensuring the ingredients are affordable, so it fits your budget.

As a single parent, you must find a job that offers support and flexibility with a reasonable salary and work hours. You can check the best jobs for single moms with Lensa that suit your and your child’s needs.

4. Preparing Your Kids

It is vital to teach your children essential life skills. As a single parent, you must teach them how to take care of themselves by teaching them how to cook, clean, and use public transport. In addition, teach your children basic first aid, such as disinfecting a wound and calling for help.

5. Relying On Others for Help

Juggling family and work can become overwhelming, but most single parents are surrounded by family and friends that want to help. Accepting help can be challenging but necessary for your family’s future. This help can include financial support from family, neighbors, or friends babysitting your kids so you focus on work or run errands.


Being a parent is a tough and challenging job, even more so as a single parent. However, you can’t deny that it is rewarding. When appropriately navigated, the memories of raising your child can be some of the happiest of your life.