6 Easy Ways to Give Your Outdoor Space a New Look


Are you a little bored with the way your outdoor space looks? Has it looked the same for a very long time and now, although it’s neat and tidy, it’s starting to feel dated? Or perhaps you moved into a new home and feel the outdoor area leaves much to be desired.

Now you have to use your limited budget to implement those tips for outdoor upgrades you found online. Don’t despair. There are ways to completely transform your outdoor space without sending your credit card into a hot panic! A few easy ways to change your outdoor space include painting, replacing or adding awnings, and redoing the garden. Let’s help you get started.

Simple Tricks to Give Your Outdoor Space a Makeover

When you’re considering giving your outdoor space a makeover, you can go in one of two directions. The first is to browse landscaping catalogues and order expensive accessories. The problem with this choice is that you’re probably going to end up with something similar to at least three of your neighbours, and you’ll spend more than you anticipated.

The second option is to take a step back and assess your own unique style. Instead of employing experts to give you a standard look you saw in a catalogue, roll up your sleeves and create your own haven. Let’s have a look at some simple ways to transform your outdoor area that doesn’t involve tearing up the whole yard.

Basic Outdoor Repairs

Before you start doing any of the fun stuff, do the tough stuff. Doing basic repairs to your roof, gutters, gates and fences is the first step. Replace where your budget allows but repair if it’s cheaper. Any damaged or broken windows should also be replaced at this point.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the easiest ways to instantly change the look of your outdoor space is to add a fresh coat of paint. Choose a colour combination that will form part of the foundation for the look you want to achieve. Ensure the colours you choose will form an elegant back drop for your outdoor furniture.


Install Exterior Awnings

Once the repairs and painting is all done, it’s time to choose some stylish awnings. Once your outdoor space is complete, you’ll want to spend a lot of time enjoying it. The easiest way to enjoy the space without having to endure the sun’s harsh rays is to install awnings.

This is the one part of your space where you can really make a good investment. Not only will professionally installed awnings add value to your home, but it will boost the aesthetics. Whether you choose traditional, canvas, or retractable awnings, the vendors supplying awnings Melbourne has on offer can customise to your exact needs.

Give the Garden an Overhaul

Quite possibly the most fun part of your outdoor overhaul is redoing your garden. It all starts with a good cleanout. Decide which types of plants you would want to keep. If there are plants you no longer want, don’t throw them out. Rather donate them to neighbours.

You might also want to consider adding a water feature for birds and bees. This will go a long way toward keeping the nature element alive in your new space. A simple water feature can easily be made using the rocks that you already have in your garden. Don’t forget the bird feeder!

Spruce Up Your Entertainment Area

The area where you and guests will be sitting when you have your next barbeque also deserves an overhaul. Add potted plants to your veranda or patio area. Incorporate natural elements like stone and clay if your budget allows.

Furniture doesn’t have to be replaced. Rather research ways to give what you have a new look. Recover seated chairs with a bold new fabric and add a coat of varnish to dated wooden chairs.

Add Lights and Accessories

Once all the hard work is done, it’s time to bring it all together by playing with the visual presentation. Invest in solar lights that can be distributed all over the garden and add some to the patio for added ambiance. Wherever possible, use lighting that looks natural. Adding too many synthetic lamps and shades will detract from the natural look you may be trying to create.

Lastly, add some accessories to your newly created outdoor space. This doesn’t mean you need to overburden your credit card again. Look for unusual items at thrift stores or craft markets, such as:

  • A few sun catchers made from crystal beads to hang over your water feature.
  • Signs with quirky messages about gardening or barbequing to add to your entertainment area.
  • An unusual looking mailbox that will add to the ambiance.
  • Wind chimes to hang in the windy areas.


Updating your outdoor space doesn’t have to cost a fortune. All it takes is a few repairs, investing in new paint and awnings, and adding a few new unique garden accessories. When you incorporate your unique style, you’ll have a comfortable, relaxing, area to not only entertain guests but relax after a long day!