7 Fun Things to Do When You’re Stuck at Home

jenny hill mQVWb7kUoOE unsplash

There are always times where we find ourselves stuck at home with nothing to do. Whether all your friends have plans, or you’re feeling under the weather, here are some fun things you can do that can boost your mood, keep you entertained, and provide endless hours of joy.

Read a Book

If you’re a bookworm and are stuck at home, why not sink your teeth into a new novel? If you’ve already read everything on your bookshelf, it may be worth buying a kindle that allows you to read all the latest titles without the hassle of having to go outside. Whatever genre grabs your attention, you can spend hour after hour reading books that will keep you occupied.

Go for a Run

For those who need some fresh air in their lungs, nothing quite beats getting outside and going for a run. Whatever the weather looks like, getting your joints moving and heart pumping can be a great way to boost your mood and get your blood pumping.

Watch Something New

If you subscribe to a service like Netflix, there’s bound to be something new you can watch. Whether you’re after a period drama, murder mystery, or something soppy, you can binge-watch a series, which is sure to pass some time. Make sure you stock up on snacks, get cosy and you’re good to go.

Listen to a Podcast

Lots of Australians enjoy listening to podcasts. If you don’t fancy watching something on the television, why not put your ears to good use instead? Grabbing your headphones, finding a podcast, and sitting somewhere comfy can provide endless hours of entertainment. There is a podcast for just about everybody!

Play Games

Whether you get out a classic board game, or you venture online to play real money pokies, there are dozens of exciting games you can play on if you’re stuck at home. There are surprising health benefits linked with playing games too, such as reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. If you’re the competitive type and plan to play a game with others, make sure there aren’t any disputes!


If you don’t like the idea of lounging around on the couch all day at home, why not stick on some of your favourite music and have a dance? Even if you don’t know the routine to the song, having a boogie can be a great way to get some exercise into your day. If you’re worried about prying eyes, make sure to close your curtains or roller blinds!

Catch Up on Sleep

While it may not sound very exciting, many adults love nothing more than to catch up on sleep. If you’re feeling rundown, getting into bed and catching up on some sleep can help you feel more rested and refreshed.

If you don’t fancy going outside and doing something, or you’re not feeling your best, there are tons of fun things you can do from the comfort of your own home, meaning you won’t have to leave the front door to have some excitement.