7 Mysterious Ways Weed Use Can Improve Your Sex Life

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What are the best pleasures in life? Most of us would answer without hesitation- sex. But have you ever thought about a combination of weed and sex? Marijuana is said to enhance sexual experience significantly. Although there’s no direct evidence on this topic, mainly due to the widespread prohibition of the drug in most countries, many people claim that they feel greater sexual pleasure after using the drug.

Generally, your feeling is dependent on the marijuana dose you take. Too much weed may have quite contrary effects from the desired ones. It can cause the disruption of the menstrual cycle, lower quality of sperm, and even some difficulties in reaching an orgasm. However, in most cases, these are only myths. Weed’s positive impact on sexual life considerably outweighs its harmful effects. So, when you pass, by any chance, cannabis dispensary las vegas, stop and enter the store to give weed a try. And you’ll see how satisfied with your sex you can be.

Boosts your Sexual Appetite

Most of all, marijuana boosts your sexual appetite. If you have any problems, such as low libido, anxiety, or you can’t reach an orgasm, smoking a joint before having sex can be the ideal solution. People consuming marijuana quite regularly observe the growing tendency to have more sex. They feel more relaxed and willing to be intimate with their partner. So, if you want to boost your or your partner’s sexual desires, you can always suggest trying some of the marijuana products. They work as the best aphrodisiacs, making both of you more aroused and open to meet your partner’s sexual fantasies.

Relieves Pain

Cannabis consists of many chemical substances, one of which is CBD responsible for relieving pain. Therefore, weed is highly recommended for women suffering from menstrual pain and cramps. Except for traditional forms of marijuana, they can also use special cannabis tampons or suppositories.

Moreover, many women often complain that they feel pain while having sexual intercourse. And they aren’t only virgins. Such discomfort is a frequently met phenomenon among females at different ages. One of the best cures for that is again weed, which brings immediate relief to the vagina.

Stimulates your Senses

Consuming marijuana is the best way to get high. Can you think about how you feel then? Are you over-excited and energised? Probably yes, and it makes you enjoy everything twice as much as normally. All your senses are stimulated, which rises your sex to great heights of excitement. Your partner’s every touch seems to be more intensive, giving you more physical pleasure.

Gives more Intense Orgasms

Enhancing your senses is inseparably connected with having more intense orgasms. If you take some edibles, your sex experience is even more likely to be improved since marijuana taken in such a form stays up to six hours in your organism. So, getting stoned, you’ll be quicker sexually satisfied, and you’ll enjoy this ecstasy for much longer than in typical circumstances. The more intense the orgasm, the better both partners feel in bed.

Prolongs Sexual Intercourse

Additionally, most men consuming marijuana or using some weed lubes claim that they have a much more prolonged erection than ever before. It significantly improves their sexual lives since they, usually after ejaculation, stop sexual intercourse with a woman who hasn’t reached her climax yet. But weed comes to the rescue, allowing you to enjoy this intimate moment for a few minutes longer.

Lubricates your Sexual Organs

Now, you’ll even find some weed lubricants available both for men and women in most cannabis dispensaries. Their main purpose is to lubricate your sexual organs so that you could feel more pleasure during sex. And all this is possible thanks to one of the ingredients of marijuana, which is THC oil- the active ingredient that gets you high. It similarly affects your vagina or penis.

Helps to create a special bond with your Partner

Besides all the advantages of marijuana covered so far, weed helps you to create a special bond with your partner. Sex is the most intimate moment with another person. You usually have it with someone you love. But apart from physical contact, you need the emotional connection with the partner. After taking skunk, people become more open and self-confident, more willing to speak out and share their emotions and fears, which significantly strengthens their relationship. Without good communication, you won’t have satisfying sex. Both your psychic connection and sexual life have a crucial impact on the success and future of your relationship.

Overall, taking weed can help people reach their deepest pleasures and sexual fantasies. Its use improves their sexual lives to such an extent that they don’t to leave their bedroom, having sex more often and experiencing sexual activities much more intensively.