A complete guide to learn different styles of bitcoin trading!

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If you want to make loads of money in minimum time, bitcoin trading is the perfect option. It refers to trading bitcoins at varying prices with the aim to make some profits. Currently, there are a ton of trading platform like Bitcoin Evolution, Gemini, etc. Choosing the best trading platform, however, can be a handful since there are so many options in the market. To choose the best trading style, you need to know about them, so some of the top bitcoin trading styles are mentioned in the following paragraphs.

Intraday trading

One of the most popular styles of bitcoin trading, which is followed by a massive number of traders, is intraday trading. Intraday trading is a type of trading in which the trader holds the positions for more than a day. He focuses on using the price fluctuations that occurred in that period to earn some profits. However, in reality, there is no proof that it works as the bitcoin market is open 24×7. So, if the market always open, it is impossible to know that when a trading day ends. So the traders following intraday trading use specific software, which automatically makes them hold positions. The trading decisions are made on the basis of profit goals and objectives as the trader exits the position as soon as the profit target is met.

Range trading

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin always have a certain range, and when traders use that range to make trades, it is termed as range trading. Range traders always trade in the range, no matter if it’s a high point or low point. If you want to take minimum risks while trading bitcoins, range trading is an excellent option as it allows you to stay in a particular range which provides you with excellent support and resistance. If you have some knowledge and focus, you can easily make big profits by making some profitable trades in the range. It is quite identical to day trading, but the only difference is that range trading only focuses on trading the range.

Swing trading

Another quite common bitcoin trading strategy is swing trading. Swing trading refers to having a profits target and opening the position. It has certain goals and objectives, and when the profit objective is met, you can exit the position. It is a safe trading strategy as you can hold the position for several days or weeks while keeping an eye on the market. It allows you to watch your position going up as well as done without panicking and worrying about anything. If you are going for swing trading, you must be good at analysis and reading patterns, as it will make it easier for you to make the most out of swing trading and ensure that you don’t make any silly mistakes.

Position trading

Position trading is one of the simplest and easiest forms of bitcoin trading. But you need to be highly patient and disciplined to achieve success in it. It is long-term trading in which you hold your positions throughout the ups and downs that occur in the bitcoin market. It is a type of long-term investment, which is why it involves minimum risks and allows you to make maximum profits over the long term. The bitcoin market is highly volatile, and as a bitcoin investor, you may have to witness some massive price fluctuations and market ups and downs. So, if you don’t like taking big risks and want to be on the safe side, position trading is the perfect strategy for you.

Investing and HODLing

Now comes the most evergreen bitcoin trading style, which is long-term investing. Investing refers to buying bitcoins and holding them for the long term with an objective to make considerable gains. Trading may allow you to earn quick profits with bitcoins, but it also exposed you to big risks so, if you want to become a successful Bitcoin investor and want to stay in this world for a long time, investing in the right strategy. Bitcoin investors don’t have a stop loss as they have a motive behind the investment, and as long as that is intact, they hold the position. If you are investing and HODLing, you need not focus on the charts, prices and analysis.