A great craze of Bitcoin in the Indian Investors!!

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As we all know that cryptocurrencies are very famous and are used in the form of digital cash. Bitcoin is the father of all cryptocurrencies as this was the first cryptocurrency discovered by a person named Satoshi Nakamoto. He announced Bitcoin in 2008 and launches it in 2009, and the Identity of the person is still anonymous, which is very beneficial for the market of Bitcoin. 

This is very common that if something happens to the owner of the share or any company that will lead to a decrease in the share price but if the Identity of the person is anonymous, which will not affect the price of the cryptocurrency. It is an excellent concept that was taken up by the Satoshi Nakamoto.

Bitcoins provide enormous profits on investments. As in this pandemic situation, most people are jobless, and the people who invest in the shares are investing in cryptocurrencies today because this provides enormous profits. 

It is very convenient to use; a person can even use it at his home doing any work very conveniently. Even this can be used for other purposes like transferring the money, and this charges from the use of significantly less amount of the transaction charges and take less time.

Legalization process of the Bitcoin

As we know that in some countries, there is the main issue of legalization and illegalization of cryptocurrencies. I mean from here that in some countries, cryptocurrencies are legalized, and in some countries, cryptocurrencies are still illegal. Even if we talked about India in 2018, the RBI imposed that the banks would be banned, which are found to be e involved in the transaction of the cryptocurrencies? 

But in the same year, the supreme court of Indian legalize the cryptocurrencies use. From time and even now the smartphone users are increasing by time, which means it also leads to an increase in online investments like cryptocurrencies.

In India, the users have earned lots of profit from the cryptocurrencies and even earning today. But in recent days, the Government of India had again imposed Bitcoins to be illegal. Even they said that they had given six months to surrender their Bitcoin investment; otherwise, there will be strict actions against them even it will lead to jail. But the profit earned by the users is so crazy and made the users crazy that they are even not obeying the government of India and still are investing in cryptocurrencies.

  • A major warning was given to the persons who were engaged in the mining processes, and they were asked to surrender their Bitcoins and stop the mining processes, but they are still engaged in the mining processes. It is evident that if the person is earning huge amounts by earning a few Bitcoins, he will definitely not leave that work.
  • Even this is the best mode of work in today’s time because of the pandemic situation outside. This is a hazardous situation, and even this had led to the deaths of many people. So everyone prefers to work at home to be safe and to earn a livelihood. Because everyone wants to save their lives and even this is also true that nothing in today’s time is free so they have to earn something to live.


So, as we discussed earlier that Bitcoin is the best source of income as it provides huge profits on investments. Even if we check the history of Bitcoins, this has raised in just a few years, and it’s just started from the few dollars, and now its prices are high as thousands of dollars. Even the person who cannot afford the investment in Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency is engaged in the mining processes and earning huge amounts of money and is living a good life.

Everyone wants to live a good life, so why not choose the easy way to live the life you want at start investing in Bitcoins odd-even start with the mining processes. There is bitcomo.com where the person can start investing in Bitcoins and change the future, and even can be protected from the pandemic situation. So this was all about Bitcoin and its profits and the people who are earning profits from cryptocurrencies.