An Arcade Game That Dispenses Beer

The Last Barfighter:

Back when you’d empty your piggy bank and head to the arcade to play Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat, or Discs of Tron (the greatest arcade game of all time —Ed.), you were playing for pride … and also because you didn’t have a job, girlfriend, or anything better to do. Those things of course haven’t changed for you, but since console and PC games are now so amazing, you require more incentive to spend your hard-panhandled-for quarters.

Enter The Last Barfighter. It’s a very rudimentary fighting game — but who cares? You’re quite likely already drunk while your playing, because the winner of each bout is rewarded with a free brewski poured from a tap in the game console. Pretty awesome if you dominate the competition … not so awesome for the noobs who keep getting their asses kicked. Check out the promo vid here: