Become green!

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Sustainable campaigns and activities are indispensable in daily life nowadays. Becoming greener and saving the planet is one of the most spoken subjects. Still, not everyone cares about saving the earth and are still enjoying global warming, since summers are warmer than ever. Not everyone is thinking about the environment; how to give potential grandchildren a livable existence, make sure the animals are okay and thereby, save money. Some people seem to forget that contributing to the environment is not necessarily about major steps, it is also possible to contribute by taking small steps and making small changes in daily life. We would like to make a few small changes that might have a lot of influence!

80/20 rule

If you’re a real carnivore, it might be hard to imagine having a dinner without meat. Scrapping meat from your lifestyle would be amazing for the planet, But did you know that… it is not necessary to completely cut out meat from your diet in order to contribute to planet earth, so that’s a winner, right?! Referring to the small steps we’ve spoken about, you could decide to follow the 80/20 rule. This means that you’ll eat meat 80% of the week (or month) and 20% of your dishes are vegetarian! If you are afraid that you won’t get enough vitamins and minerals, you could always choose to take some supplements. Vitamin tablets, mineral supplements or even hemp oil; it all might help you to increase your vitamin and mineral levels!

Second hand shopping’

No, we don’t try to get you a whole new wardrobe from the vintage or recycle store, but for some clothing pieces, it won’t be too bad to take a look in such a store once in a while. Imagine, you are in need of a new gray hoodie or regular black jeans. Chances are big that those basic clothing pieces can be found in a recycle store and you don’t even notice any difference between the second handed piece or a new piece! Saving money and contributing to the earth; what would you like more?

Take the stairs!

Perhaps the smallest change in your daily lifestyle with a lot of influence on the environment; taking the stairs instead of an elevator! It saves electricity and therefore, it is more sustainable. And don’t forget about the health benefits when taking the stairs, please!