Beginners guide to sportsbook offers

Sports betting is one of the popular pastimes for punters who enjoy gambling as it is an activity that can be participated in at almost any time of day, due to the fact that competitive sport is played around the world almost 24/7/365.

Indeed, the activity is also one of the most popular to partake in because it is one of the easiest forms of gambling, as well, as individuals do not necessarily need to learn about different strategies or have too much knowledge as they would when enjoying a round at a table of a playing card game such as poker.

However, despite the fact that sports betting can be rather easy, it can be a little difficult for punters who use sportsbooks for all their wagering needs to understand all of the exceptional bonus offers that can be obtained when signing up or as an existing member in the future.

There are a host of different sportsbook offers available that can typically appear and be made available to claim, with those outlined below being amongst those that are most commonly found.


Welcome Bonus

Perhaps the most famous and common type of sportsbook offer available is the welcome bonus that can be obtained when signing up. These offers are typically designed to provide new members with an incentive to join the operator, with a reward of cash that can be used as a free bet typically being provided.

Risk-free Bets

One of the most common types of offers are risk-free bets, which are bets where if they lose, punters will still be able to get a reward in return. These rewards will typically be in the form of additional account credit which can then be used to place another wager, whilst they can also simply appear as a free bet that can be used.

No Deposit Bonus

Again, another common promotional offer that many will find when joining a sportsbook is the ‘no deposit bonus’ that can be found. This offer is one that can be rather appealing for bettors, as it would essentially mean that they have nothing to lose. A bonus code will normally need to be found and entered to claim this type of offer, but once it has, individuals will then be rewarded with a bonus which they can use straight away.

Reload Bonus

Existing members of a sportsbook can also enjoy a handful of different offers from time to time, with a reload bonus being one of the most common to be provided. This works in the same way as a first deposit bonus, with players being compensated with additional funds once they make their own deposit with real money.

Loyalty Bonus

A loyalty bonus is one of the final common sportsbook bonuses that have been outlined and these are typically provided to those who continue to remain loyal to the operator and place a number of wagers on a consistent basis. These members will then be rewarded with a number of different bonuses, prizes, rewards and even extra points that can be used, should the operator have a points system in place.


With so many different sportsbooks offerings commonly found, it is rather easy to understand why it can be a little intimidating at times, however with the descriptions for each of those that are outlined, they should no longer be scary and should only help to further enhance the overall sportsbook experience that is enjoyed.