Best bitcoin wallets for android – a complete guide for beginners!

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We all know that bitcoin has become very popular worldwide in the last few years. People are making millions of money from this digital currency every day. Due to the increase in the popularity of bitcoin, there is a massive increase in the variety of bitcoin wallets. If you are a bitcoin investor using an android device and looking for a bitcoin wallet, you have come to the right place. This article will learn about the best android bitcoin wallets that provide the best class security to your coins. The bitcoin up website is a reputed and reliable platform if you want to invest in bitcoin.

Bitcoin wallet!

This is a very elementary and functional virtual currency wallet. This android application will help you buy, sell, and store the bitcoin funds. So if you are looking for an android based bitcoin wallet that is effortless to use, choosing the bitcoin wallet is the best option. The fees of this bitcoin wallet are pretty unfortunate, but it does a great job, so it is worth every penny.

Coinomi wallet!

Another android bitcoin wallet is coinomi wallet which is also a secure and functional bitcoin wallet. It consists of unique features that can help make your bitcoin storing experience worth it. Coinomi is an excellent Bitcoin wallet for people who want to store different cryptos in one wallet. This android application provides a good level of security, and its speed is also excellent. So there is not much wrong with this bitcoin wallet, and it is running great in business in the market.

Electrum bitcoin wallet!

It is a fantastic android-based bitcoin wallet with excellent security features such as encrypted security keys. The best thing is that these lies will never get out of your phone. The functions of this bitcoin wallet are good, and this app loads very quickly. Moreover, there are redundant servers that help reduce the downtime to zero. You will be glad to know that this bitcoin wallet also supports the cold storage system if you want that. This application also consists of some translation issues. If you speak another language, it could take some time, but otherwise, it is a great option.


Gemini is a bitcoin wallet as well as an exchange. You can easily use this wallet to buy, sell, and store many coins that comprise bitcoin, Ethereum, bitcoin cash, and various other coins. For the additional security, it also includes two-factor authentication on every account. The incredible thing is that it allows the users to set the price alerts, which will help you know when you want to sell the coins or buy them. Unfortunately, only a few bitcoin wallets offer you Wear OS to support features.


Trust is a free android based bitcoin wallet that you can use on your mobile. It is the kind of wallet that supports the usual coins like bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto tokens. You can easily add up your currencies because the app usually doesn’t support it until you have appropriate links. You can purchase bitcoin from this android app when you set it up.

Mycelium bitcoin wallet

It is a stable bitcoin android wallet that has decent features. This bitcoin wallet is compatible with a lot of coins along with bitcoin. Using this android crypto wallet, you will have 100 percent control over your funds and keys. The security of this bitcoin wallet is tight, and you will not have to be concerned about anything. Sending and buying bitcoin through this bitcoin wallet is relatively straightforward. The user interface is simple, and there will be no issues in using this bitcoin wallet. You will be glad to know that this wallet also supports the cold storage solutions such as a ledger if you want to add the extra layer of security.

The final sayings!

These were some of the best android based bitcoin wallets that every android user can use. All these provide an excellent level of security and outstanding features. You will not get disappointed when you use these bitcoin wallets.