Clean and Clear: The Very Big Roundup of Tips to Pass a Drug Test


Do you enjoy vices but shook because there’s an upcoming drug test? Follow these suggestions and tips to pass a drug test if you want to be clean and clear.

It happens to 56% of people when they find their dream job, and to every athlete when they make the roster on their dream team…

They have to pass a drug test. 

For half of those people, it’s not a non-issue. But for the other half of the American population that uses some type of “illicit” drug, they’re faced with a choice.

Here are our tips to pass a drug test. 

Understanding How a Urine Test Works 

Any type of lab testing runs specific tests to detect the presence of specific drugs in the urine. So you can know which drugs you’re going to be tested for specifically with a little research. 

Generally, drug tests look for everything listed in the World Anti-Doping Code Prohibited list. These include things like narcotics, stimulants, and cannabinoids. These are usually the ones that drug users worry about.  

Your urine is also full of a bunch of other vitamins, minerals, and chemicals. This is what gives it its distinct color and sometimes a specific odor. This is where you can screw yourself with over-diluting your urine.

If your urine is clear and has no traces of anything at all, it’s a major red flag. Because the only times your urine looks this way is if you’re having a serious medical problem or you’re intentionally trying to dilute it. 

PSA: Detox Products Are Basically Snake Oil

If it were as easy as drinking a juice to pass a drug test, it wouldn’t really be a problem for anyone. The truth is that detox drinks and other products usually don’t work, and may actually do more harm than good when it comes to taking the actual test. 

See, at best these drinks only dilute your urine. Unnaturally diluted urine isn’t fooling anyone. Especially the people at a lab whose literal job is to collect and look at urine. There are really only two ways that choosing this route can go. 

Route 1

If your urine is oddly diluted, it will be flagged as a “negative diluted” and you’ll be asked to retake the test. This might give you an extra few days, but the staff will be on to you. People who aren’t trying to hide drug use, usually do not need to come back. 

Route 2

You won’t pass the test. This could result in job loss, loss of income, and a tarnished reputation. 

How Long Does It Really Take for Drugs to Leave Your Body?  

For the sake of sounding redundant, know that how long drugs take to leave your system depends on a ton of different factors. There’s no definite answer. It depends on things like the frequency of drug use, your genetics, your body fat percentage, the type of drug, the quality of the drug, etc.

Take the information below as an estimate, not definite data. If you know there’s even a possibility that you’ll have to take a drug test. Don’t take drugs, it’s pretty simple. 

Party Drugs 

When we say party drugs we’re talking about cocaine, ecstasy/molly, shrooms, acid, and other uppers and psychedelics that are usually associated with drug experimentation in your high school and college years. These are the drugs that leave you with the “crazy” stories that you will continue to tell people when you talk about the good ‘ole days for the rest of your life. 

Most researchers say that pure molly takes about one to three days to fully leave your system. If you take pressed pills, this could add some complication, since they are usually cut with traces of other drugs. This research is also usually based on the consumption of 50-160 milligrams

Cocaine usually stays in your urine for about two to 10 days. Again, it depends on the purity of what you’re taking. Most research indicates that for urine tests, casually users are OK after four days. 

Shrooms are digested like food. So this has a lot to do with your metabolism. Most research points to any indication of their psychoactive chemicals leaving your body within 24 hours. You are usually safe to take a urine test two to four days after an acid trip.


Since weed is legal for recreational use in 11 states and legal for medical use in 21, the idea of discrimination from using it seems a little ancient. But the reality is that employers in most states are allowed to choose not to hire you due to weed use, even if you are medically prescribed it. 

But weed is the trickiest drug when it comes to getting it out of your system. THC, also known as Tetrahydrocannabinol chemically and Dronabinol medically leaves your system within a few days of use. But THC metabolites stay in your body for weeks. 

THC metabolites bind with the fat in your body, so your body fat percentage plays a key role in how long it’s detectable in your system. How often you smoke and how much you smoke are other key factors. But most research indicates that weed is rarely detectable in urine after 30 days. 

“Scary” Drugs 

We’re thinking of the Tiger King’s boyfriends when we say scary drugs. These are drugs like opioids and meth that people do alone, ruin their life over, and become addicted to. No one really “casually” does heroine. 

If you are using drugs like these regularly we recommend that you get help. But we also know that sometimes you can accidentally take drugs like these since they can be laced into party drugs accidentally. 

We also understand that you might have a few pain killers from a surgery left over, and to your unluck, you chose to take one while you were experiencing some kind of pain right before you were asked to take a drug test. The good news is that most of the “scary” drugs take only a few days to leave your body when they’re consumed during these unfortunate circumstances. 

Tips to Pass a Drug Test Au Naturel

Even if you took drugs within a “safe” amount of time before taking your drug test. It doesn’t hurt to help your body along with its natural process.

The tips below are all based on the experiences of people who have successfully passed drug tests. Following all of them doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll pass a test with a 100% guarantee. 


Since drugs like THC are stored in your fat, you’re going to want to burn as much fat as possible before your drug test. Cardio and heavy lifting are good choices, but stop intense exercise 36 hours before the test. After the 36 hour mark, it’s about covering up the drugs still in your body, not removing them. 

Drink Water 

Drink anywhere from 80 to 112 ounces of water every day leading up to your test. But tone it down 24 hours before your test, so your urine doesn’t look diluted. 

Consume B Vitamins

B vitamins like and B6, B12, B3 can help clear-up your urine. So consuming foods high in B vitamins and taking a vitamin B complex can help (it’s also a normal type of multivitamin to take). Just don’t go overboard because urine that’s too diluted can look suspicious.

Consume Creatine 

Metabolized creatine can also be used to help further along the dilution process. But again, stop taking it within 36 hours of taking your test. 

Bringing Your Pee Back to Normal

Since the DIY drug test passing route is focused mostly on elimination and dilution, you’ll need to spend the day or a few days leading up to the test to bring your urine back to normal. This basically consists of enriching your body with the key vitamins and minerals usually found in your urine. 

Testing Yourself at Home First 

Testing yourself within 36 and 24 hours of taking a drug test can also help give you a good idea if you’re going to pass or not. Just make sure to read reviews and choose a test that will actually pick-up traces of the drug or drugs you’re trying to hide. 

Avoiding Substances That Can Give a False Positive 

Some normal, non-narcotic pain relievers and drugs can cause a false positive. Naproxin, Advil, Tylenol, and Aleve are just some of the common medicines noted for doing this. If you don’t think you’re going to pass the test, don’t purposely take these to try to “cover-up” THC. Testing facilities are on to this.   

Borrowing a Friend’s Actual Urine 

Makes sense, right? If your pee sucks might as well ask a trusted, non-user friend for some. It’s not as easy as bringing a baggy in your pocket and pouring it into a cup. Most lab testing facilities have become aware of this method and require you to pee in a cup in a semi-open area that would expose any behavior like this. 

Urine is also warm. So the pee in the cup needs to be too. So keeping fake pee warm becomes a challenge for pulling it off too. 

Some people will opt to ask someone they know for a sample of their pee and to substitute theirs during the process. This can be successful but it’s an odd request to make and sometimes what you’ll find in other people’s urine can be a little incriminating. For example, if you used the urine of a woman. Women have specific tracers in their urine that men don’t have. 

Why “Fake Pee” is Usually Your Best Option 

It takes serious commitment and time to be able to pass a drug test in a natural way. A lot of people simply don’t have the luxury of either, this is why so many people turn to alternative urine. But it’s usually not easy to administer.

They can come in small bottles or pouches. To pull this off you have to hide the fake pee in your crotch so that when you dump it, it looks like you’re actually peeing. 

Most people heat the fake pee in the microwave first, to get the temperature of the false during to about 110 degrees, which is higher than the actual temperature of pee. This gives you time. 

Then you’ve got to store this hot bottle in your crotch. People pull it off by keeping it all packed-in with compression briefs like Under Armour, and then wearing loose fit pants. But you also don’t want your pee to be too hot when you dump it.

To keep it warm, you can administer hand warmers like Hot Hands into your crotch about 30 minutes before you need to take your test. That’s a lot of stuff in your crotch. 

To check this, you can stick a thermometer strip to the bottle in a way that makes it easy for you to see the temperature from just looking down at your crotch. Once the temperature is 96 to 97 degrees, you can dump it. 

This may all sound complicated…. well, because it is. Not only is it technically challenging to pull off, but it’s only successfully done by people who can manage their stress and anxiety well. 

We’ve noticed some crazy products like the REAL WHIZZINATOR-XXX, which is a fake penis kit that you basically place in your pants and apply pressure to create the illusion that it’s actually you just peeing.

Are You Ready to Pass a Drug Test?

Many people successfully report passing a drug test. The key is to be real with yourself and to be as cautious as possible. 

Have you? Share your tips to pass a drug test with us!

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