Erectile Dysfunction in Younger Men: Most Recurring Causes


Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is typically considered an issue affecting older men. The notion that young men can suffer from this condition is often overlooked. However, there are many factors that may lead to the development of erectile dysfunction in younger males. This article will examine the most common causes of ED in younger males and how to overcome these issues. Here is a list of some of the most common causes:

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is a well-known issue that many people are unaware of. This condition occurs when the body does not produce enough insulin, which is a hormone that helps build glucose and energy and regulates the amount of blood sugar in the body. People who have diabetes may experience high blood sugar levels, which can lead to an intense fight-or-flight response. This reaction can create stress levels within the body, which may cause ED issues to develop. Men with diabetes should check their blood sugar regularly. They should also see a doctor regularly for treatments. If the remedies for the underlying condition do not help, then a doctor can advise on ED medication.

Drug Abuse

Some prescriptions and illegal drugs can temporarily cause erectile dysfunction, while others can cause it long-term. When a person consumes some drugs, they cause the release of stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol, which can interfere with normal nerve function and cause erectile dysfunction. Men should always be aware of drug use, including prescription medication, to combat this issue. The easiest way to confront drug abuse is by telling a close friend or family member about any possible use to reduce potential damage. Erectile dysfunction can also develop after a man takes drugs such as antidepressants or painkillers for long periods without discussing their usage with a doctor beforehand.


Alcohol consumption is considered a common cause of ED. It causes the depletion of norepinephrine and dopamine within the brain and an increase in the production of cortisol (a stress hormone) and testosterone. Alcohol consumption also affects the pelvic autonomic nervous system, which can lead to prolonged erections. Therefore, men with alcohol-induced erectile dysfunction should drink less alcohol and abstain from drinking altogether if they are experiencing low desire or sexual performance issues.


Hypogonadism is a condition that causes an abnormality or deficiency in the hormones of the male reproductive organs. It is one of the most common underlying causes of erectile dysfunction in younger males because it interrupts hormone production needed for natural sexual function.

Obesity and Lifestyle

Another common underlying cause of ED in younger men is obesity. Excess weight pressures the surrounding blood vessels and nerves, potentially resulting in ED. Additionally, being sedentary or not exercising can contribute to poor health overall, which may lead to ED or other complications. Obesity is a significant problem worldwide, but one factor that leads to obesity is an unhealthy diet. A person who consumes large amounts of sugar-filled foods will start down the road of obesity because they do not have enough nutrients to function correctly. This unhealthy diet will lead to more weight gain and more damage to the metabolism, which can lead to many health problems.


Smoking tobacco can cause the development of erectile dysfunction. Tobacco is high in tar and nicotine, contributing to poor circulation and general health issues. Nicotine constricts blood vessels and decreases blood flow throughout the body, including to sexual organs. Additionally, many smokers have a sedentary lifestyle, contributing to their overall health problems and ED issues.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the most common reasons for erectile dysfunction in younger men, but many other underlying factors may also contribute to this condition. For example, genetic predispositions, thyroid problems, or exposure to toxic chemicals and pollutants can also be contributing factors. While ED can occur in younger males and without warning, it is possible to reverse these conditions.