Fit for the Summer – 5 Workouts for Home

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Nowadays, many people work out not only in the local gym, but also in their living room at home. After all, the studios are often overcrowded, especially in the afternoon, and the equipment can only be accessed with some waiting time. Not to forget the stuffy changing rooms, which can significantly affect the desire to train. When training at home, the time spent on the way to the gym can also be saved and used much more efficiently.

Training at home can also be very effective. The following article shows which five workouts are particularly suitable for this.

The Squats

The English term for squats is squats. In strength training, they are considered an absolute classic, because they are extremely effective when it comes to training the buttocks and legs. In addition, squats burn a relatively large number of calories.

Provided that the exercise is performed correctly, squats work not only the lower and upper legs and buttocks, but also the abdominal and back muscles. By the way, warming up before the workout should not be neglected at home. An endless rope, for example, is well suited for this.

The Burpees

Do you want to melt calories especially quickly? This is possible with the so-called burpees.

To perform them, first assume a push-up position. Then jump into a deep squat position. This is followed by an explosive push-off from the ground with a high jump into the air. After the feet have touched the ground again, the squat position must be assumed once more in order to return to the push-up position with an appropriate jump.

The Plank

At first glance, the plank or the forearm support hardly seems challenging – however, this is a big mistake. If the training is primarily aimed at a flat stomach, planks are the ideal tools.

Not only the muscles in the abdomen are challenged by the forearm support, but also the body means effectively stabilized.

The push-up

For a sweaty workout at home, of course, you can’t do without another fitness classic, namely the push-up. This exercise is not very popular among most amateur athletes, but it is very beneficial. The push-ups not only strengthen the entire torso area, but also the muscles in the shoulders, arms and chest.

However, in order for the exercise to be as effective as desired, it must be performed correctly. This means that the back is shown as straight, the abdomen is pulled in and the tension is kept. The head is slightly forward.

The deadlift

For the back muscles, deadlifts – that is, cross lifts – represent one of the most ideal exercises. If there are no kettlebells or barbells at home, the weights can be replaced by common household objects, such as water bottles.

Begin the deadlift with a hip-width stance. Then squat down and look forward. This is followed by a slow straightening of the upper body. It is important that the lower back pulls the weight upwards. Also, the back is to be kept perfectly straight at all times, with the hips showing as slightly pushed forward and the chest pushed out.