Gift Ideas for Your Fit and Active Loved One


Coming up with gift ideas year after year for the people in our lives, whether friends, family members, colleagues, or other contacts, can be tricky. It’s hard to think of new, exciting present options that are within budget and easy to source.

To make gift giving easier, it pays to think about the interests and passions people have. If you know anyone who’s into fitness and always active, you might like to purchase them a gift that relates to this kind of hobby.

Active Wear

Anyone who likes to work out often will tend to go through a lot of activewear. As such, this makes for an excellent gift option for the fit person in your life. Be on the lookout for breathable, comfortable men’s shorts or women’s shorts or tights, as well as t-shirts, socks, leggings, caps, and more.

You might know that your loved one has a particular brand they like purchasing their fitness gear from, or you could introduce them to a new one. It pays to find out what size they take in clothing or keep the receipts so they can swap items if they don’t suit.

Lessons or Membership

Another gift idea for active people is to purchase them a voucher for sporting lessons. For example, you might buy them a pack of introductory tennis or golf lessons or perhaps those for boxing, yoga, Pilates, basketball, squash, or swimming. This type of gift is great for those you know who like to mix things up in the exercise realm and regularly try new things, as well as people who have mentioned wanting to try a certain type of activity.

Alternatively, if you have someone in your life you know has been keen to join a gym but hasn’t been able to afford it or feels bad about spending the money on themselves, you could gift them with a gym membership. This present could be a three, six, or 12-month membership or even a ten-class pack or the like. Another option is to help your loved one jumpstart their fitness by enjoying some personal training sessions. If they need to get re-motivated, learn some new things, or start on their fitness journey, a few sessions with a trainer can be a great help and a much-appreciated gift.

Water Bottle

A water bottle is a simple, evergreen present option that never goes out of style and is always helpful for people who like to stay fit and active. Whether someone is getting into sport for the first time or has been active their whole life, there’s nothing quite so useful as a quality water bottle when they hit the gym, go for a run or cycle, head to Pilates or yoga, go to a boxing class, and so on.

Water bottles make for a good gift because they can suit all tastes, ages, and sports types and are affordable for the budget, too. To buy something a little more special than the norm, though, why not order your loved one a personalized bottle they’ll never mix up with someone else’s? Or, you could purchase a water bottle that features a slogan, image, or other graphic related to their favorite TV show, movie, book, song, or other pop culture reference they’re a big fan of.

Massage Voucher

If you feel that the active person in your life is already well stocked with all the above items, perhaps you can help them to release tension and feel better by purchasing them a massage voucher. People who regularly have a sore neck, back, shoulders, knees, elbow, shin, ankle, or the like can benefit immensely from soothing their muscles with a quality massage from a professional.

It pays to choose a masseuse located close to where the gift recipient lives, works, or exercises, so they don’t have to travel far to enjoy the session, or you might give them a voucher for a professional who does mobile massages at client homes or workplaces.


If none of these gifts seem right for you, other options are home gym items, like dumbbells, resistance bands, or books or cards with exercises on them. You might also buy handy earbuds, a fitness magazine or app subscription, rollerskates, a sports duffle bag, boxing gloves, or a yoga pack.

Presents for exercise lovers are many and varied, so you should be able to find something interesting and useful for even the fussiest of fitness people, regardless of your budget or shopping timeframe.