Gummy Vitamins – The Story of Taste and Health

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You cannot truly love anyone else unless you love yourself first. Loving yourself means taking care of your health, and a good way of doing that is by fulfilling your body’s nutritional needs. One of the most vital nutrients that most people ignore is vitamins.

There are many ways you can include vitamin supplements in your diet. You can take pills, tablets, or vitamin syrups. However, the most popular mode of vitamin supplements is gummy vitamins. You can also include apple cider vinegar gummies in your diet to boost your immunity and metabolism. 

Vitamins not only improve your physical and mental health, but they also keep you young longer. Vitamin supplements also compensate for your poor diet. Gummy vitamins are incredibly popular all over America. Chewable gummies are easy to take and pleasant to taste. Here is everything you need to know about gummy vitamins.

What Gummy Vitamins really are?

If you have had gummy bears as a kid, you already know what gummy vitamins taste like. These chewable, colourful vitamin supplements come in a variety of flavors and shapes. They appeal to children and adults alike. 

Gummy vitamins constitute gelatin, cornstarch, water, sugar, added colorings, flavors, and a few selected nutrients. The most popular flavors of gummy vitamins are lemon, orange, cherry, and raspberry. Gummy vitamins are easily available online or at pharmacies and health stores. 

Benefits of Gummy Vitamins

The potential benefits of gummy vitamins include the fulfillment of vitamin needs of your body so that you do not develop any vitamin deficiencies. Gummy vitamins are a fun way of completing your vitamin requirements. They are easy to take and are much preferred over vitamin pills due to their candy-like taste and fruity flavor. 

For people having difficulty swallowing pills, gummy vitamins are a lifesaver as they are easy to chew. These are simpler supplements that can be incorporated into diet routinely by both children and adults. It is easy to consume them on a consistent basis as compared to the other forms of multivitamins. 

Easy to Consume

Gummy vitamins are easy to chew and consume. Especially if you have a hard time swallowing pills, gummy vitamins are a lifesaver for you. Research statistics reveal that about 40% of American adults have difficulty swallowing pills and they gag on them. Almost 10% have stopped taking their medicine as they couldnt cope up with the struggle. 

With gummy vitamins in the market, you no longer have to go through the brutality of forcing down pills every morning. 

Availability of innumerable options

Today‚Äôs market has a wide range of options for gummy vitamin flavor and colors for you to choose from. You can now have an excuse to eat your favorite flavoring as your mandatory dose of daily multivitamins. Flavors range from peach, orange, cherry, grapes to more zingy lemon and lime ones. Now you get your omegas, antioxidants, immune boosters, and multivitamins while satisfying your taste buds at the same time. 

Functional Treats

Gummy vitamins are the guiltless pleasures that you could afford to treat yourself. However, beware of an overdose which is very easy to achieve. Keep your gummy vitamins away from easy reach so that you do not give in to the temptation of having too many. These aspirational treats give your body their required nutrients in the form of many essential vitamins and supplements. Just remember to be cautious and brush and floss right after you eat them.

Drawbacks of Gummy Vitamins

Among with benefits, the gummy vitamin also has its fair share of drawbacks. The inclusion of sugar and food coloring in them raises some eyebrows. However, the amount of sugar is minimal in a gummy vitamin (not exceeding 2 or 3 grams). To be on the safe side, decrease your sugar consumption while you take gummy vitamins.

Also, the gelatin in them sticks to your teeth. Show a more responsible attitude and brush your teeth or floss them right after you take gummy vitamins. 

Sometimes, gummy vitamins do not have the same amount of nutrients mentioned on the label. This is because they are not affiliated with the FDA. But the same is the case with other vitamin pills. Moreover, their pleasant taste makes them easy to overeat, which can be very dangerous, especially in susceptible children. Too much intake can cause mineral toxicity which can also be fatal.

Who needs to take Gummy Vitamin?

Gummy vitamins are loaded with nutrients and you might not need them if you are already taking a balanced diet. However, there are some people unable to eat up their required vitamin dose, or their body is unable to absorb the required nutrients from food. Vegan also need to supplement some essential vitamins in their diet as the only food source for them is meat. 

People with increased vitamin needs like pregnant or lactating women also have to intake some form of vitamin supplements to fulfill their increasing vitamin requirements. Also, children who do not take an adequate diet and are picky eaters can be given gummy vitamins to be protected from vitamin deficiencies.