Home Remedies for Night Sweats

Night sweats, also known as “sleep hyperhidrosis”, is a condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It is characterized by excessive sweating during the night which can cause uncomfortable sleep and wake-ups. Fortunately, there are several home remedies that can help reduce or eliminate the symptoms of night sweats. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Drink Water – One of the most effective treatments for night sweats is to drink plenty of water throughout the day and before bedtime. Make sure you are hydrated before going to bed and avoid drinks with caffeine or alcohol, as these can increase your body temperature. Additionally, you should avoid eating heavy meals close to bedtime, as this can make it harder for your body to cool down once you are in bed.

Take Cool ShowersTaking a cool shower before going to bed can help lower your body temperature and prevent night sweats from occurring in the first place. If you do experience night sweats during the night, taking a cool shower when you wake up will help reduce any discomfort caused by sweat or overheating.

Lower Your Room Temperature – Another way to prevent night sweats is to keep your bedroom at a comfortable temperature. It should be cool enough that it doesn’t make you feel hot or uncomfortable while sleeping, but not so cold that it increases your risk of catching a cold or flu virus. The ideal room temperature for preventing night sweats is between 60-67ºF (15-19ºC).

Bedding Material Choice – In addition to controlling the temperature in your room, it’s important to choose the right type of bedding material when dealing with night sweats. Natural fibers like cotton are ideal because they absorb moisture better than synthetic materials like polyester. Cooling mattress pads and pillowcases can also help wick away sweat while you sleep so that you stay comfortable throughout the night.

Use Natural Sleep Aids – Many people find natural sleep aids such as melatonin supplements helpful in reducing their chances of experiencing night sweats. Melatonin is naturally produced by our bodies when we go to sleep and has been shown to help regulate body temperature during sleep.

Herbal teas such as chamomile tea can also be beneficial in calming nerves and helping you relax before bedtime, which may reduce your chances of experiencing an episode of night sweating due to stress or anxiety.

Stress Management Practices – Reducing stress levels through regular exercise, meditation, or other relaxation techniques can also help reduce night sweating episodes significantly.

When we’re stressed out our body temperature rises due to increased levels of cortisol in our bloodstreams; by reducing our stress levels this hormone is released in smaller amounts which helps keep our body temperatures low at night.

Furthermore, getting adequate sleep each night has been proven to reduce instances of night sweating by helping us regulate our body temperatures more efficiently during the day.


Night sweats can be an uncomfortable experience that disrupts quality restful sleep; however, with some simple lifestyle changes such as drinking plenty of water throughout the day and avoiding heavy meals close to bedtime, along with using natural remedies such as melatonin supplements or chamomile tea before sleeping – you can significantly reduce the occurrence of these episodes and finally get some much needed restful sleep! With these tips in mind, we hope you have found relief from your nighttime sweating woes!