How to Increase Your Cum Load

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Semen production can be a confusing thing, and the “rules” behind it do not always make sense. For a lot of people, this can leave them feeling like they are not producing nearly as much as they want – or even producing less than they used to when they were younger.

While it might not be an issue for some people, a lower cum volume can definitely harm your confidence and can potentially even make it harder to get your significant other pregnant.

Thankfully, there are ways to make sure that your cum volume remains at a steady high – but how?

Eating Properly

While having a healthy diet can definitely improve overall sexual performance and sometimes help your sperm count increase, there are specific foods that can boost the amount of semen you actually produce. This can be a very easy way to test the waters without committing to any major changes in your life.

Whether it is something simple like asparagus or occasional treats like dark chocolate, there are quite a few foods that can boost semen production by a small amount. However, some foods are actually more likely to reduce your production, leading to smaller loads of cum overall.

For example, excessive dairy and fried foods can cut down semen production, while fresh fish and various kinds of nuts can increase it. This might mean that a shift in diet could make a big difference, something that many people try if they have been struggling to get their partner pregnant.

Getting The Right Vitamins

Vitamins are also a huge part of your overall health, which can mean that herbal remedies and vitamin supplements might work well too. This is often good if you can’t make as many diet or lifestyle changes as you want and can compensate for any vitamins that you lack anyway.

Most vitamins help with sexual health. For example, zinc tends to boost testosterone and semen production, as well as sperm health. Vitamin D only boosts testosterone, but this can still help with producing more semen overall. Vitamins E and C, meanwhile, are ideal for keeping sperm healthy and protected.

Understanding the right vitamins for your needs can be important since there is not any point in using too much of a single vitamin. Finding a balance means understanding what your diet is lacking, so try to get an idea of which supplements would help your overall health the most.

Turn to Expert Help

Whether you are looking for pills and medical treatments or meals that are said to boost sexual health, there is a lot of advice out there on how to increase cum load and general sexual performance. Do not hesitate to do your own research and get some useful opinions from various sites.

If your limited semen production is bothering you, then there are a lot of steps that you can take to fix it. Just make sure that you understand the benefits of each method and how they are meant to be used as a sexual health and semen production aid.