How to Keep Communication Lines Open in Your Relationship

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No relationship is perfect, but that shouldn’t keep you from trying to make things better between the both of you.  It takes a concerted effort to keep a romantic relationship strong. In any case, open communication plays a major role to that effect. Without it, your relationship could turn into a lifelong guessing game that does nothing but stagnate. Here’s how you can turn conversations into insightful and valuable encounters that keep the fire of passion burning!

1. Don’t take things personally

The worst you can do in a relationship is to take everything seriously. If your partner complains about an undesirable habit you’re doing, don’t treat it as a personal attack lobbed against you.  Instead of getting offended, treat it as your partner’s attempt to help you become a better person. Don’t let your ego get in the way of this opportunity to become better. Take corrections gracefully and understand where you and your partner are coming from.

2. Learn to compromise

The main challenge that every couple faces even at the later stages of their relationship is finding a middle ground. Your partner may not have the same likes and interests as you, but if you truly love them, then it’s important to acknowledge your differences and look for a way to work around this misalignment. Even the opposite of partners face conflicts, so if you value passion over everything else, work with your partner to achieve the best of both worlds. 

3. Be transparent with each other

Honesty and sincerity aren’t just values you cherish as an individual. In many trusting relationships, the strength of your bond relies heavily on your desire to lay everything out in the open. That involves letting your partner know about how you feel during certain situations. It also means being bold enough to say “no” or suggest something else. Keeping all these won’t do you any good, neither will it help your relationship to progress. 

4. Learn to catch up every day

Engaging in small talk may seem dull, but it makes anyone’s day. Simple questions like “How was your day” or “What’s stressing you out” allow your partner to know that you acknowledge their existence. These questions also come off as important conversation starters, turning you into each other’s support systems over the dinner table.

5. Don’t forget to have fun

Open communication in relationships isn’t limited to serious topics such as taxes and boredom. It should provide light-hearted moments in which you expose each other’s fun sides. Crack a joke or recall something awkward that happened at the office in the morning. It’s these opportunities of light banter that will help you rediscover your partner’s personality, the one you liked before, and that became the reason why that person is with you right now.


In keeping communication lines in your relationship open, you are in a much better position to prosper and avoid conflicts that may drag on for years. Keep these tips in mind and enjoy a happier and more expressive life.