How to Make Webcam Sex Even Hotter?


Webcam sex is hotter than most real live sex. There, I said it! Many will disagree, but I, for one, prefer virtual sex dates. 

It’s like having that hot one-night stand with a beautiful stranger, but without the risks and from the comfort of your own home! 

So when I was asked how cam sex could be even hotter, I had to pause and think. How could it get any hotter? It turns out it can. 

Here are some tips on how you can make your next webcam sex session hotter than ever.

What are you waiting for? Learn all kinds of tips on how to have the hottest live sex chats below. Starting out with the simplest yet possibly most important tip…

Don’t overlook lighting

Want to know a secret? Mutual pleasure is the key to amazing cam sex. But if your cam model can’t see you, there’s little chance of her getting turned on by you. 

Poor lighting makes it difficult, leading to an awkward experience for both of you. This is why step number one is to take some time to make sure you have good lighting. Make sure you have no weird shadows on your face, and be sure that your most valuable areas aren’t in shadows. 

Smile and be friendly 

Even the sexiest and toughest guys should allow themselves to smile during webcam sex. Letting loose and showing your cam model that you are kind and happy will do wonders. She, in turn, will feel more relaxed, willing to try new things, and vulnerable. And that, my friends, is when all the magic happens. 

Show your face

This one is optional, as it’s understandable that some people prefer to keep their face concealed. But just keep in mind that showing your face can boost the level of sexiness of just about any webcam sex call. And it all comes down to intimacy

Even for those looking for a quick and meaningless virtual bang, intimacy still influences how much pleasure you’ll get from the call. With your face visible, your cam girl feels more comfortable, which will help her stay turned on, and in turn, will help you reach your happy ending.  

Use toys 

A big part of great webcam sex is being creative with your pleasure and playing off your cam girl’s imagination. Adding some new and exciting sex toys will spark the imagination and help get the fantasies rolling. 

The best toys out there for mutual webcam pleasure include pocket pussies, and realistic dildos. These toys showcase movement and can help you feel like you’re in the same room. 

Talk as dirty as you want

One of the hottest parts of webcam sex is that there’s no need to hold back on the dirty talk. With a consenting cam girl, you can let all those dirty thoughts you’ve kept in your head all day escape with zero shame. 

Live online sex is about doing everything you can do with other people or partners in your everyday life. So take advantage of your time with wild and sexy cam girls and talk as dirty as you want. 

Start a deep conversation

I know, having a deep conversation when all you want is some sex sounds like the last thing you would want. But hear me out. 

Meeting a stranger for a one-night stand in real life almost always involves some conversation. And deep conversations are better than small talk. And in order to have the best online sex, you’ll want to dedicate at least a minute to talking with a webcam model too. 

Talk about each other’s fear, fantasies, the best memories, favorite music, or anything that will keep their attention and get their heart beating faster. 

TL;DR – a quick recap

Webcam sex is great. It’s hot, no strings are attached, and you get to hand-pick the person you want to see naked! 

But in order to take it to the next level, keep a few things in mind:

  • Pay attention to lighting. If she can’t see you, she isn’t going to get turned on. 
  • Don’t play the tough guy. Smile, relax, and be kind.
  • Show your face when possible – this amplifies the intimacy.
  • Use toys! Try new things and give your cam model a show.

Talk dirty because it’s your chance to say anything and everything that turns you on.