How to Protect and Exercise Your Legal Rights After an Accident

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Car accidents happen in a split-second but mostly come with far-reaching consequences, including loss of lives and permanent disability. No matter your defensive driving strategies, someone’s negligence on the road can alter your life forever. When this happens, you will need a compensation package that commensurate with your losses.

However, the personal injury law firm, Dolinsky law group states, “Every insurance company has a team of adjusters, investigators, and attorneys whose sole responsibility is to limit their liability and minimize the amount of money they pay to victims.” This means your actions and inactions after an accident can deny you compensation and other legal entitlement. To avoid this, here are things to do to protect and exercise your legal right after an accident.

Call for help

Some car accidents result in serious and life-threatening injuries; in such situations, your first action is to call 911. Give clear details about the situation, location, and number of victims involved to help the responders prepare adequately. An ambulance with a medical team will arrive at the scene to convey you and other victims to the hospital.

In most cases, the police also appear at the scene to document the incident, including taking accounts of eyewitnesses. This becomes an official document you can later rely on for your insurance claims.

For a less severe accident, call or report the incident to the police for official documentation. Officers on duty will create an accident report file detailing whatever happened. This report becomes evidence of the accident; you will need it when filing your claim.

Seek medical treatment

You may perceive your accident injury as minor, yet it may later become an underlying factor for a severe health condition. Therefore, you need to seek medical attention after an accident. Your medical situation and injuries would be well diagnosed and better treatment and recommendations offered.

Seeking medical attention after an accident is necessary. Your medical report can also become a source of evidence when filing insurance claims or suing for personal injury claims.

Gather evidence

Gathering evidence helps to boost and protect your rights to compensation. This will be practically impossible for victims who sustained serious injuries or became incapacitated. Such people may have to rely on a third party or a lawyer to help gather evidence.

However, accident victims with minor injuries can handle the evidence gathering themselves. After receiving treatment, visit the accident scene and document whatever happened. Take pictures or videos of the involved vehicles, note the time of incidence, and talk to eyewitnesses if possible. don’t leave anything to chance as the smallest piece of evidence can be a game changer.

Inform your insurance company

After an accident, report the incident to your insurance company. Insurance companies have formal procedures to file such reports. Just follow all required steps to protect your right to compensation. The at-fault driver will also do the same since his/her insurance company would have to pay the damages.

Hire an attorney

Whether or not to hire a lawyer after an accident is one of the major decisions victims must make. So, one of the frequently asked questions online is should you hire a lawyer after an accident? Although you can represent yourself, hiring an attorney offers you the opportunity to get deserving compensation.

Hiring a lawyer comes at a cost, but it is worth every penny, especially hiring an experienced one. Your attorney will take charge of all the documentation and processes needed to file and claim insurance compensation. In case it ends up in court, your attorney will be there to defend your interest. Your attorney will help in:

Evidence gathering

To file an insurance claim or file a personal injury lawsuit, you need strong evidence. Hiring an attorney makes evidence gathering easier, especially if the accident leaves you incapacitated. An attorney will help you gather and preserve important evidence, using their skills and experience. They can also liaise with investigators and other authorities to obtain the necessary evidence to build a strong case.

Filing on time

Filing an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit has deadlines depending on your location/state. You can easily miss these deadlines when pursuing the case by yourself, and that can deny you compensation rights. However, accident and personal injury lawyers are abreast with all these timelines and would ensure your filings are timely.

Represent your interest

As stated above, insurance companies always find ways to limit their liability and minimize the amounts payable. This won’t happen to you if you hire an attorney. Your attorney will ensure the right things are done by fully representing your interest. He/she will negotiate with the insurance company or at fault to ensure that you get the maximum benefits possible.

Represent you in court

Some accident cases end up in court for various reasons, including the at-fault proving to the difficult. Having a legal representative in court can boost your case. A specialized lawyer knows the ins and out of accident laws and the best ways to get you compensation.


Accident victims should do everything possible to protect their legal rights to avoid suffering double jeopardy. Don’t forget to file a police report and seek medical treatment after the accident. Since evidence is key for claiming insurance or filing a personal injury lawsuit, always gather enough evidence. It is also critical to hire a competent lawyer to help you protect your rights and get desirable compensation.