Introduction to Massey Ferguson’s Full Lineup

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Here’s Why You Want a Massey Ferguson Tractor!

Massey Ferguson is one of the largest farm equipment manufacturers and has a massive presence in the agricultural industry. First established in 1953 through a merger between Canada’s Massey-Harris and UK’s Ferguson, the company has become the world’s third-largest tractor manufacturer. In 1997, it was acquired by American agricultural machinery giant AGCO and now has headquarters in Duluth, Georgia, the United States. 

Over the years, Massey Ferguson (MF) has partnered with several companies to build engines for its tractors. Apart from its parent company AGCO, several of its tractors also come with Mitsubishi and Iseki engines. Their partnership led to record high sales and has set a benchmark for manufacturing highly durable tractor engines. If you want to buy a brand new tractor, a Massey Ferguson would be an excellent choice. The company boasts thousands of happy customers worldwide and is highly revered for its quality products. Even better, a Massey Ferguson’s owner’s manual will also show you how to service your tractor yourself—a point not to neglect when buying a tractor.

Now that it’s been said, what do MF tractors even have to offer?

Mitsubishi-Powered 1700M Series 

First introduced in 2013, the 1700M Series is available in six models ranging from 35 to 60 hp. The tractors come with powerful Mitsubishi turbodiesel engines that take performance and efficiency to the next level. Customers can also choose between a cab or an open platform for the body. 

Massey Ferguson also offers two transmission options: the classic 12×12 power shuttle transmission cleverly using four synchronized gears and three non-synchronized ranges to generate various speed options or the more advanced hydrostatic transmission (HST).

Under the hood, the Mitsubishi diesel engine showcases a state-of-the-art intercooler system and a high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) system that ensures longer working hours and better fuel efficiency. The engine powers MF’s all-wheel-drive system and works with a rear PTO with electro-hydraulic engagement and a wet multi-disc clutch. Furthermore, an electronic engine management system keeps track of fuel usage, further improving fuel efficiency without compromising performance.

Worth mentioning, several Massey Ferguson 1700M series tractors have already proven their durability. Models like the MF1736, MF1742, and MF1749 come equipped with three-cylinder 1.7-liter diesel engines producing 36.2 hp, 41.6 hp, and 48.3 hp, while bigger models like this are the MF1754, MF1758, and MF1759 feature four-cylinders 2.2-liter engines producing 53.6 hp and 59 hp—and all of them have been praised for their build quality.

Iseki-Powered 1800M Series 

The Japanese giant has been one of Massey Ferguson’s oldest partners. Today, Iseki manufactures engines for the new all-wheel-drive 1800M series, 1.83-liter 3-cylinder diesel engines churning out 36.2 or 39.4 hp.

Like the 1700M series, the 1800M series also features liquid-cooled engines but the Iseki models are even more fuel-efficient. Such a setup allow 1800M tractors to offer up to 12.6 GPM hydraulic output, the highest in its segment.

Furthermore, Iseki engines also provide torque reserve that lets your tractor drive without stalling even in the muddiest paths. Drivers can also use the extra power available at lower RPMs to throttle back and run the engine at low speeds. 

And while tractors aren’t built to sound soothing, Iseki and Massey Ferguson did a pretty good job reducing the engine’s noise level. Notably, the 1800M series tractors are about 30% quieter than their predecessors.

You can also choose between a rugged gear system or hydrostatic transmission. The former gives you a range of 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds, while the latter offers an infinite variety of speeds within three ranges.

Iseki-Powered 2800 M Series 

The 2800M is Massey Ferguson’s most powerful series. At the heart of a 2800M series tractor lies a massive 2.43-liter four-cylinder engine producing 48.8 to 60.3 hp. The bigger engine allows for a larger towing capacity and a faster plowing rate. 

Centered around the massive Iseki engine is Massey Ferguson’s ergonomically designed body. Buyers get to choose between a cab or open station configuration. The open station models come with comfortable and ergonomically designed seats and a tilted steering wheel that reduces the pressure on your hands and improves the overall driving position. Apart from that, a new thumb-controlled throttle takes ease of use to a whole new level. Thus, drivers can now dial the correct engine rpm within seconds.

Meanwhile, the cab model features lockable doors, while the durable exterior holds good in harsh weather conditions. MF also provides a premium and luxurious Deluxe cab in case you want utmost comfort while you work. The cab features a radio, bright LED work lights, an air ride seat, a rear windshield defrost, and even a visor to keep out the sun. 

Also Worth Mentioning…

Of course, buying a Massey Ferguson tractor is just the easy part. Regular repair and maintenance are also part of the deal here. Most tractor owners have never opened a proper Massey Ferguson maintenance manual, and that causes repair costs to increase over time. 

As someone who has been dealing with tractors over the past 15 years, I would suggest taking out at least 4-5 minutes every day to inspect your tractor before you use it. Trust me, regularly inspecting your truck following a Massey Ferguson repair manual can do wonders and significantly bring down repair costs. Don’t know where to buy one? Take a look at eManualOnline. These manuals are incredibly easy to use and cost far less than calling for a mobile mechanic.

Last Words 

Both Mitsubishi and Iseki are leading Japanese brands and are highly responsible for Massey Ferguson’s success. Mitsubishi is the 3rd largest Japanese agricultural machinery company, followed by Iseki in fifth place. Today, Massey Ferguson’s dominance in large agricultural markets like India, China, Canada, and the United States is widely based on the quality of the engines its tractors have.

Nonetheless, no matter how reliable a tractor is, it will still need to be serviced on a regular basis. After all, preventive maintenance is always your best bet to keep issues on the lower side. Luckily, that’s nothing you can’t tackle with a proper Massey Ferguson repair manual by your side.