Is it Legal to Grow Cannabis in Delaware

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What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a popular herb that is grown for medical and recreational purposes. It is produced in many different parts of the world, including Delaware. Each state has its regulatory laws on cannabis. This is because cannabis if poorly regulated, can do more harm than good to the people who use it.

Laws on Cannabis Usage in Delaware

It is currently illegal to grow, dispense, produce, or sell cannabis in Delaware unless the state licenses you to do so. However, adults (aged 18 years and older) are allowed to have cannabis in small quantities for personal use. The state also has laws that state that medical practitioners can prescribe cannabis to patients who need it. Patients do not have to be adults to get cannabis-related prescriptions in Delaware. 

As long as it is obtained from licensed dispensaries, the cannabis laws in Delaware are not against personal use of the herb but are very much against growing cannabis for recreational purposes to prevent overdose. 

Delaware’s laws on cannabis usage are interesting. Not everyone is licensed to sell the plant in the state, so at times it could be difficult for patients to get the product due to distance. As a result, they created a law that allows their residential patients to smoke cannabis in other states. 

It is illegal to have any amount of cannabis on you unless you are a patient in the state. 

A fine of $100 is imposed for possessing less than one ounce of the drug. Anything more than one ounce of cannabis attracts a more serious charge, which leads to a more severe jail term and a higher fine. Delaware’s cannabis laws divide cannabis ownership into several categories. While some charges are based on the number of ounces an individual has in his possession, another category called “super weights” covers charges on residents who have more than 15000 grams of cannabis in their possession. 

Even though patients can possess cannabis legally in Delaware, there are limits to how much they can have at a time to prevent abuse. 

According to the laws guiding cannabis usage in Delaware, they can only have up to 6 ounces of cannabis at once. Underage patients (under 18 years old) who have cannabis prescribed are not allowed to have the cannabis plant itself with them. They can only have CBD oils with nothing more than 7% THC content and more than 15% CBD content in them. 

Cultivating cannabis in Delaware

No, you cannot cultivate cannabis. Their laws do not allow for commercial cultivation of the plant except if you are licensed to do so. If you ever intend on growing cannabis in Delaware, you have to keep your farm small, so it does not look like you are cultivating the plants with the intent to sell. Even residents with medical prescriptions do not have permission to grow their stash of cannabis for treatment so they do not begin to overdose on the plant. 

Cannabis Licensed Businesses in Delaware

Cannabis is not prescribed as an opioid in Delaware. There is a list of conditions that are eligible for cannabis prescriptions. If what a patient is going through is not listed as a qualifying medical condition, cannabis cannot be prescribed. 

In Delaware, selling and producing cannabis all fall under the same category and are treated as the same crime. Despite this, many Delaware residents grow their cannabis plants because they do not have licensed dispensaries (stores legalized to sell cannabis) close to them. 

For the most part, Delaware’s cannabis laws prove to be effective. However, there are only three cannabis-licensed businesses in the state, which could be very limiting because of the size of the state. They keep the number of licensed companies small to control and track the circulation of cannabis.

Whether they are visiting Delaware, passing through on a trip, or their prescriptions have run out in their home state, Delaware allows medical patients from other states to come to Delaware to receive their prescriptions. However, the residential state the patient is coming from has to have laws that permit the use of cannabis medically.   


Although for various reasons, some Delaware residents take the risk of growing cannabis in their homes, it is illegal to do so in the state without a license. Delaware is a conservative state, but they seem to have found a way to create laws that limit the circulation of cannabis to only the places it is needed—hospitals. You can grow cannabis in Delaware for recreational use but at your own risk. If you are looking for cannabis seeds in Delaware, Herbies is the best place. They deliver quality seeds anywhere, as discretely as you want it.