Finally A Classy Line of Men’s Lingerie


Remember when Kramer and Frank Costanza collaborated on The Bro (okay fiiiiine, Manzier) on Seinfeld? Well, Japanese online retailer Wish Room Men must have finally seen the episode. Except they’re not stopping at bras. Why would they? Instead, they’re going for broke with a full-blown line of men’s lingerie, including knickers and silky nighties.

Also: Want to know what she’ll be like in the sack? Her undies will tell you.

The bras are their most affordable garment and will cost between £11.50 through £18 (about $19-$25). Best of all, they’ll come adorned with machine guns and toolboxes … floral patterns and lacy material. And if you’re worried about your bust looking all Dolly Parton, fear not. The bra cups offer little padding because the makers felt that might men feel unnatural. Seriously.