Work Out Schedule for Men: Get Back On Track

work out schedule for menThe best work out schedule for men should include routines that work every part of the body. Each work out should last an hour to an hour and a half, and it should provide ample time for thoroughly developing the muscle groups that you target for that day. If you’ve been waiting to lose those couch-surfing pounds that have been hanging around for so long, sticking to the following routine will help get you started:

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Day 1: Biceps and Chest– Day one should be spent doing exercises that develop your chest and biceps. Dumbbell curls, kettle bell exercises, push-ups and pull-ups are just a few exercises that can be performed during this routine.

Day 2: Legs– Men that are just starting to work out often skip leg exercises. Your legs are very important and must be developed along with your upper body. They provide much-needed support and will help with the balance of your body weight.

Day 3: Rest– Every work out schedule for men must include at least one day of rest. Working out too much is not good for your muscles.

Day 4: Triceps and Back– Developing your back is just as important as developing your legs. Make sure to do plenty of lateral pull downs, tricep curls and dips. These workouts will help develop both your triceps and back together.

Day 5: Abs and Shoulders– Don’t forget about those ab workouts! To develop your abs correctly, stay away from conventional sit-ups and crunches. Perform plank sets, wood choppers and kettle bell exercises to get the most out of your ab work outs.

Day 6: Cardio– One day a week should be concentrated on cardio workouts. Instead of running on a treadmill, run outside on a track or trail. To achieve the best cardio workout, combine short, fast sprints with longer running sessions. This will help you lose weight and improve your running strength at the same time.

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Even though there are designated days for cardio and ab workouts, the best work out schedule for men will include at least a half an hour of cardio a day and 15 minutes worth of ab work. Sticking to this workout schedule will have you looking good in no time.